sometimes there are too many rollercoasters…

emotional-rollercoaster Ladies, remember when you were little and you saw a rollercoaster for the first time?  Watching the ups and downs of the little cars on the tracks made you shiver in your little mary-janes……

Then you grew up and the excitement of that rollercoaster caused butterflies in your stomach, but you stood in line anyway?  Can you still hear the screams?

If you stop and listen………really listen…….you can hear cries going up all over our nation.  According to the Huffington Post, there are 4.1 million single mother families living in poverty and this number has nearly doubled since 1960.  Can you believe this?  What a sad statistic.

But guess what?  There is hope!  Author and friend, Pam Kanaly, has written a book called, “The Single Mom and her Rollercoaster Emotions” for the single mother facing those negative emotions that try to steal their joy.  Pam knows because she was once that single mother.  She has experienced first hand the challenges that single women are faced with each day.

So click on the link to “The Single Mom and her Rollercoaster Emotions” and give the gift of hope to someone you know that needs some encouragement and blessing during this season in their life!  You can make a difference!



2 thoughts on “sometimes there are too many rollercoasters…

  1. The statistics are staggering. Most of my closest friends are now grandmothers (or could be, lol) but oh those years when I tried to be supportive to a struggling single moms. They made up a large proportion of my friendships. And the title of this book is perfect. I’m glad to know of this book as a resource and I may be able to recommend it to someone. The daughters of some of these same women friends have similar circumstances in their young lives. ox


  2. Oh goodness, you will love Pam! She speaks from the heart and has a great sense of humor. It’s a sad amount of single ‘frightened’ women out there and I’m glad there are resources like this! Pam’s conferences (Survive N Thrive) for single women are awesome. Definitely something to check out! 🙂


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