are ya feeling the buzz?

Ok….let’s talk Israel again.  Now usually I get very deep….you can practically hear Fiddler on the Roof  in the background.  You weep, you cry….wait.  …. NOW LET’S GET SERIOUS.

Israel = Fun.  Now, I know you weren’t thinking “fun”…you were thinking “holy, solemn, enlightening”. However,  I’m here  to say that, “We’re talking serious fun.”

Imagine yourself meeting a group of like minded friends that are going to spend a lot of time together laughing, praying, singing and learning about the life of Jesus.  We meet at the airport and start getting acquainted.  Everyone is excited about this new venture and anxious to get on our way. This is the start of the buzz….

I’m not going to talk about the flight……it’s long.  Get over it.

But NOW!!  You are in Tel Aviv!!!

You are really here!!!  And there is quite the time change!  If you are in NYC at 12:00 noon, it is 7pm in Tel Aviv!  You are ahead of time!  You are practically in the future!!!

You arrive at the airport, and trust me here….we all look the same….tired, pale, frazzled and buzzing, all at the same time! (Ladies, take your make-up bag into the bathroom and freshen up. Men: pretend you don’t notice. Seriously.)

OK!  We’re all joined together in the airport and eagerlly await our chariot!! (i.e..big charter bus)

Our tour guide finds our host (Med) and the adventure is beginning!!!  As we drive to our hotel, we aren’t quiet anymore. The calm has gone, we are listening to our host,  asking questions and feeling the buzz!  THERE’S A BUZZ, PEOPLE!  We are finally here!!

Next we start driving to the hotel and it’s difficult to imagine that we still need to eat and go to sleep before our tour begins…..WOW, IT STARTS WITH A PLANE AND A BUS………what happens tomorrow???

(stay tuned)  visit to get more info!!  See you bright and early tomorrow!

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