Remember your first car? Check this out…


Ok, friends….this is cool.   Find your first car…the one you drove in high school or college; hopefully your car brochure is available. This has to be one of the best web sites I’ve seen in a while!

Whether you have gasoline in your veins, or not, it’s fun to look up that favorite vehicle!
This website features the original factory brochures for nearly every American car you’ve ever owned.                         
Pick the manufacturer, year, and model.

what $4.00 of gas gives you…

You went bonkers over the “hope you’re not too tired to read this” blog….well, here’s a new piece of information, hot off the grill…….

Soon the Smart Car will be….so last season….

Very soon we will have more ‘smart’ choices….how about the SMORVETTE?

Or maybe the SMAUDI A3 AWD?

Perhaps you would fancy a  SMAMBORGHINI!

Who doesn’t love the SMORSCHE?


Or maybe you would rather have a SMERRARI..

Those are all great………but who doesn’t love the classic SMUSTANG??

(many thanks, Rea!  I hadn’t seen a Smustang before!)

hope you’re not too tired to read this…

Check this out!  As many curbs as I’ve hit, I might just need these tires!  Resilient Tech has been testing these out for some time now, developing them for the military.

Its a radical new design by Michelin and made in South Carolina.  They are the next generation of tires and have already been previewed in Philadelphia at a car show.

Here it is in motion….(wonder how it rides?)

These tires are airless and should be on the market soon….if they aren’t already.  They aren’t so good for law enforcement, since  spike strips will not be useful.  But just think!!  No more airing up your tires….no more fix-a-flat repair kits!

Not that I ever had to do that anyways!!  Aaaahh….it’s good to be a girl….

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