flying high….

Well, my hat is off to Sunshine Helicopters for a beeeutiful view of the Hawaiin Islands!  I have never been in a helicopter before, not even by accident, so this was a huge treat for me!

Did you look at that gorgeous piece of machinery??  It’s the Whisper Star and is the ULTIMATE in sightseeing helicopters!  There were 6 seats, with the rear seats elevated, and was super quiet.  Shannon and I got to sit up front, partially because we’re way more fun, and partially because Jimmy and Mike wanted to keep an eye on us.  (as if we would get distracted by shiny knobs and buttons) and partially for weight reasons.

Ok, this brings up a subject.  I have ridden in some pretty small airplanes before….and they always ask your weight.  They are super nosey and it makes me mad.  So my super, excellent, sweet husband, always let’s me give my weight at 10lbs under and he always adds 10lbs to his.  HA!!!!  NOW THAT, MY FRIEND, IS LOVE………well,  its THAT …and he doesn’t want to die….so basically, we have an understanding.

He’s a keeper.

Shannon and I sat in front with the 12 year old pilot.  I, several times, said, “Hey, buddy!  TWO HANDS!” He didn’t listen.  He just pretends he’s playing a video game and off we go!!

We zoomed all over beautiful waterfalls, vibrant green valleys and even to the “Wall of Tears” where there are over 17 waterfalls flowing at once!  It was hard to get perfect pictures because of the glare, but they are still in my head…

(the pictures AND the glare)

After a bit, we landed on some poor soul’s ranch.  Well, he’s probably not poor…since he allows the helicopters to land, but the area was loaded with animals!  Goats, chickens, peacocks, horses….speaking of horses…was this one crying?

Yeah, I think so too.

What an awesome day.  And once we got ready to leave…..there was some of this…

Shannon grabbed me and I grabbed her…..EEEEEK!!!  He lifted the helicopter up and we DOVE off the cliff towards the water with the two of us screaming!!!!!!  And you should have seen the looks on everyone’s faces….

.Oh, boys will be boys, won’t they?? Everyone in the ‘copter was grounded after that little stunt.  But all in all, it was a beautiful day and a beautiful ride…..

And yes………..I’d do it again!


Yes!  I know!!  I was gone for a bit, but I’m baaaaaaack … (insert creepy girl’s voice from Poltergeist here)

Oh, goodness….did we have a great vacation in Maui??  Yes!  We did!!  A HUGE shout-out to Ferguson Enterprises for giving us a beautiful vacation!!  And a big HAAAAY!! to Mike and Shannon Spahr and Marc and Angela Riddle for making it even more special!!  If you could lose weight from laughing….well, we would be teeny tiny, for sure.

Look at us, acting all islandy…..(new word)…Well, let’s check out a few pics..

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency and the grounds were gorgeous!  So tropical-y…..(yes, it’s also a new word)

Waterfalls, flamingo’s and lots of birds!

And even penguins!  I know!  That’s what I thought!  What the heck are penguins doing in Hawaii?

They were African penguins and I didn’t like them at all.  They just stood and stared.  They were silently judging me and I did not like it one bit.  They are not christian.  (I can’t document this piece of info, so you just have to trust me)

We made a point to work out everyday in the gym….then we hit the buffet.  Literally.  Next up?  Poolside…

Yep, it didn’t hurt my feelings one bit to lay by the pool with friends!  Tomorrow I’ll show you some pics of the helicopter ride we took over the islands!!

Good to be home!!  Aloha!!!