checking it all out…

Oh, today was a BEAUTIFUL day!  A day to get out and take some pictures of this beautiful ranch that we were BLESSED with!

Note to self:  Fix fence


I’m in love with little red barns…

Soo happy to finally see GREEN!

That little cabin is ours too….its at the bottom of the ranch, so if you came to visit me and I thought you had ‘stink’….that is where you would stay….just sayin’

We are about 20 minutes away from making that a functional windmill.

Yes, as a matter of fact I WAS…laying down..

I love a good fence.

Eeeek!! Is Clyde and Rea on FIRE???  Nope…..just getting their campfire started….not to worry.

I found them and we played follow the leader…but it was time to go home….and what a nice home to go home to..