I recently decided to give my Facebook a rest.  Between Facebook, the iPad, my iPhone and my email…..I was a little too connected!  What could I be doing instead of sitting and staring at a computer or waiting to see who LOL’d the most at a silly story on Facebook?

And even as adults, we want our computers to be faster…..slimmer……easier to take with us on the go.  We don’t just want them….we expect them.

So…I decided that something had to change.  First, I’m starting with Facebook.  Twitter, which I haven’t really mastered, is next.  I don’t need to know that “Jane” is at Whole Foods, trying to decide what kind of melon to choose.  I’ll be okay not knowing, I’m pretty sure…….especially since I don’t even know who Jane is…..

Here is a good article that can put things into perspective…check it out HERE.   My favorite quote from his article is: “We are connected to our iPhones, iPads, iTouch, iTunes, iMac, iChat, but have we lost the connection to the I AM?”  OUCH!!  

If I have time to be “plugged” into my gadgets…..am I spending the same amount of time with the Creator of the Universe????  Double Ouch….

Yep….think I’m going to get out from in front of a screen and tune into the Great iAm……