hooray! A do-over!!!

Starting a new year can be exciting!  It’s sort of like a ‘do-over’ for your life.  If you failed to reach your diet goals last year the calendar is kind enough to give us another chance.  We can get stuck in a rut and feel like the little hamster on the wheel, or we can choose to hit the re-start button.

I like to hit the button.  I feel like I can re-boot my life and hopefully start new.  Instead of saying, “I’m going to start a new diet”, say, “I’m going to start eating healthy.” Stop eating fast food or any pre-packaged food and attempt to eat food that still looks like it came from the ground.  Focus on attainable goals so by the time December 2012 rolls around we won’t lose interest.

Maybe it is a good time to go through that closet!!  THIS can be reeeeeally hard (I’ve been there) but it helps to keep the clutter to a minimum.  Make three piles…..Toss, Donate and Keep.  Ask yourself if you honestly need each item.  There might be someone else that would greatly benefit from your donation!  It feels good to purge!

Reassess where your money is going!  Christmas is over and it’s time to pay those bills.  Do you have an emergency savings account?  Well, maybe it’s time to have one for those “oopsy” moments, whether it be medical or the car you accidentally backed into.

Get back in church.  You probably went with your parents when you are little, but it’s time to go back.  We need that fellowship with other believers and we can have the opportunity to  give others hope and encouragement!  Who’s going to bake you that casserole when you fall and break your hip?

WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED!!! It’s time to give back and to give back with a smile.  We have 12 months ahead of us and we need to make each one count!!