Wow…time flies….

Ok, friends….I have to laugh..

Yesterday, I dropped the hubby off at the airport and hurried back to the ranch to begin cleaning. We had tracked in so much mud and grass over the weekend, and I decided I would wait to clean once the house was empty.

After a qiuck trip to the grocery store, I drove back home. The time was about 2:30. Somewhere in the next few hours….I totally lost track of time…, really….

To back up a bit, the electricity flickers on and off often, which means that all the clocks reset. Here’s where the problem began…

I have a digital clock in the bedroom, a battery clock in the den and use the microwave clock in the kitchen. The clock in the bedroom automatically resets itself when there is an outage, so that is the one I always check, and since I was a busy little bee, cleaning, I was too lazy to check my cell phone.

After cleaning, I looked at the clock and saw it was 8:30 pm and decided I had enough for the day. I started getting ready for my shower, because I was beat. By the time I finished, it was 9:30 and I thought to myself, ‘Wow…I’m starving,’ but I never eat dinner after 6:00 pm, so I just decided to lay in bed and read my book.

Occasionally, I would hear my computer ‘ding’ so I would check my email, and look at the clock. It was 9:30 pm and was really bright outside! I read for a while longer, then looked at the clock and thought….’How crazy! The sun is still out and its 10:30 at night!!’  Oh well, it was time to sleep and I was sleepy.

I woke up sooo many times during the night, thinking it was time to get up but my clock said differently.  Finally, at 7:30 this morning, I opened my eyes and thought, ‘hmm…it’s still dark.”

Ok, bottom line….The clock reset to a different time zone and I was THREE HOURS off!!  I actually went to bed at 7:30pm, and eventually woke up at 4:30 am…..sigh…..

I could eat a horse right now….

are you getting enough?

  • Sleep, silly!!!  Not many of us are getting enough, and especially if you have a special needs child!

And did you know that insufficient or interrupted sleep can be dangerous to you and others?  I know this because I was the one with the interrupted sleep for over 15 years.  It can affect your concentration, memory problems, work and can also lead to serious or fatal car accidents.  Studies have shown that when we don’t sleep enough, our bodies suffer real physical damage which can lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer or even diabetes.

Here are some warning signs to see if you have a sleeping disorder:

  • Difficulty paying attention or concentrating
  • Falling asleep while driving
  • Performance problems at work or school
  • Frequent memory lapses
  • Feeling the need to take naps almost every day
  • Having slowed responses
  • Struggling to stay awake when inactive
  • Problems controlling your emotions
  • Getting told often by others that you look tired .. (ok, that would just make me mad..)

So you might not have insomnia, but you may be suffering from insufficient sleep.  A lot of  moms could sleep more, but don’t  because their kids keep them up or they are just too busy to catch all 7-8 hours.  So the result is a sleep deficit…which is the total amount of sleep that you lose over a period of time.  So if you need 8 hours of sleep and you are only getting 7, then by the end of the week you have a sleep deficit of seven hours!  You’ve just lost the equivalent of an entire night’s sleep in only one week!

Now what?  Here are some ways to help…

  • Share nighttime duty, if you have a spouse or partner.  Are you the morning person?  Are you the night-owl?  Try trading off times for both of you to get some quality sleep.  Maybe ask family or friends to help for a night when you just really need that extra hour.
  • Nap when you can!  Sometimes even a 20 minute nap can make the difference between a sweet mom and a wild, screaming head…..
  • Hire someone!  Find out if there is respite workers in your community.  Some options might be an overnight respite, or maybe you could have someone that is qualified to come to your home.

If you are exhausted because of your child’s sleep problems, then see your child’s doctor to rule out any interactions with one or more medications, or perhaps allergies.  Your child may need a sleep study to help manage sleep problems.

Now here are a few ways to be sure you can catch some zz’s…

  • Avoid caffeine (cola, tea, coffee, etc) in the afternoons
  • Take a warm, relaxing bath
  • Try to go to bed at the same time each night
  • Turn off the tv and get off the computer.  Save the bedroom for sleep.
  • Exercise during the morning hours, not late afternoon.
  • Breathe…..

Remember, taking care of yourself is a necessity, not a luxury.  You can’t do it all and sometimes you need to be still and listen to God.  In order to have the inner resources to take care of your special needs child, your family and yourself, you need to have a spirit of stillness and make a quiet time, just you and God.  You will find that the more you have Him in your life, the more you will have a sense of calmness and a ‘peace that surpasses all understanding.’ (Philippians 4:7)

i’m getting married…

Ok….maybe that can’t be right.  I mean, what would my husband think about that??

YES!!  I’VE ALREADY THOUGHT ABOUT THAT!  See…’s what happened.  I had a massage today and I am still drooling.  This woman had “man hands” and it was 120 minutes of pure bliss.  So….I think I should let JIMMY get a massage and he will surely agree and then we can marry her!!  WOO HOO!!!

If there are any questions in life….Patty is the answer.  You: “Would you like some coffee, ma’am?”  Me:  “No thanks, but I’ll have a little cup of Patty.”    You:  “Oooh, it looks like it’s raining!”  Me:  “That’s ok, I brought my Patty.”

See?  Yes, this was a most glorious massage and if she (and her husband) don’t agree to the marriage…..well, then maybe we could be her foster parents….or…… we could let the courts decide.  The bottom line here is that she is one heck of a masseuse.

Now I’m going to go bed and take a little nap and possibly weep……….yes, it was a good massage………zzzzzzz