the end of the world…

  Ok….we have laughed….we have giggled…and we have made light  fun of those who were “left behind”….. but now we need to sit back and see what kind of damage we have done by our responses.

Yes.  I was deeply convicted last night when the world just kept moving along at it’s own pace.  I was truly saddened.  Not because Harold Camping’s prediction did not come true….but because of the many souls that believed his story…..and now they are left here, with us….the scoffers.  They are left with us … and we laughed at them…..

We laughed at the fact that Mr. Camping knew the hour and the day, although the Bible says in Matthew 24 verse 36 that “but of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.”  Where are those people today?  Will they be out on the street corners spreading the message that YES, THERE WILL BE A RAPTURE…SO BE READY (see verse 44 of the same text).  Or have they been duped and have now turned from the gospel and walked away from the Light.

Yes, I laughed.  I tweeted…I texted…I FB’d…..and I gave it the roll of the eyes and shake my head.  And my heart hurts for that.  My heart hurts for those that actually sold their posessions and this morning wake with shame and bewilderment. Are they going to turn from God?  Did they look at MY reaction and say, “you are no different than the rest of the world?”

Do you know that they have suicide hotlines in place for those who may sink into a deep depression?  Oh… friends…..we are children of God.  These people are our brothers and sisters.  And I am ashamed of my actions.  I didn’t actually meet anyone who believed Mr. Camping, but I was sure quick to wag my finger to my believing friends!  What kind of a caring, loving, christian does that?  Is that what kind of behavior Jesus had while He was hanging on the cross?  NO!!!  He loved them.  He prayed for them.  He didn’t make them feel inferior.

I don’t want to laugh anymore.  I don’t want to take what happened lightly.  I want to spread the Good Word.  I want to pray for those who are still here!  I want to pray for each other and try to un-do my responses of yesterday.

I apologize to those who I offended.  I apologize to those who I thought were so uninformed.  I apologize for my pride of acting as if I knew the secret (that no one knows the day nor the hour) and that the others were crazy.

No….I love my Lord.  I love my Bible.  And THANK YOU JESUS….YOU ARE COMING BACK!  I don’t know when, but I pray it will be soon…..because I don’t like how I’m acting.  I don’t like how I’m responding.  And I need more of JESUS and waaaay less of me.

Maranatha…….means Jesus come quickly.