and then came the rainbow…

Yes, it’s official…..our ranch is blessed!

the little red barn…

Yesterday it rained SO very much!  Then…it SNOWED!  Are you kidding me?  Yes, there was snow but it didn’t stick and melted immediately.  So I grabbed my rubber boots and headed off to the barn with my camera…

 I don’t know if I mentioned the work being done in the barn…the downstairs will be for the lawn equipment, and other “boy” stuff while the UPSTAIRS is going to be a TV room and exercise room…

They have begun painting the upstairs RED and I’m loving it..

  Upstairs they have painted and re-surfaced the floor…..or just made it shiny….I don’t know, but I liked it!


I can’t wait for this to be finished!!  They should be installing the fans and light fixtures tomorrow and Jimmy is bringing up the eliptical and treadmill and all the weights.  Plus we will have the ever-fun Nintendo Wii for a little “competition”…..   I made sure I put our EXTRA SECURE SECURITY in place… 🙂                                                    Then I snapped a few quick pics of the house and garage!  Hoping this afternoon is a sunnier one!!!  I’ll keep you posted!!                                                                                               

rain, rain go away…

Yesterday it rained off and on…..but always love seeing a rainbow!

 And then I found the other end of the rainbow!!  But whoever said there is a pot of gold at the end was lying…I checked…

 This morning there is more rain and some flooding……..but not like what’s going on in the rest of the nation….

 That should be all green farmland…..not streams and lakes..

  Silly bird….shouldn’t you be nesting in our barn??

 Can you see where the elk have been dining on the grass?  They have not been here since I’ve been around…unless that is the chewing I hear at night…..

LATER TODAY:  We (you and I) are going to the barn to see how it is looking!  Grab your rain gear …  

storm damage…

With all the news on TV lately about the hurricanes, earthquakes and Tsunami’s that the world is experiencing, we shouldn’t forget that Arizona has it’s share of devastating weather also.
I’ve attached a photo illustrating the excessive damage caused by a storm that passed through the Phoenix area a couple days ago.  It really makes you cherish what you have, and reminds us not to take life for granted.  Please keep us in your prayers.

waiting for rain!

Woke up this morning to storm clouds!!  HURRY UP AND RAIN ALREADY!!!

After waiting until about 3pm….it finally came down!  Perfect nap weather….OR…..

perfect time to go outside!!

So the good big brother takes little sister outside to check out the ranch.

Didn’t take too long until she was back in “her” environment….. Disney channel on in the background…and her asleep in my bed at 5:00pm.  WHAT A TOUGH DAY!!!!

Later we went for a ride in the Nat’l Forest and WE BROKE DOWN!!  And me with NO camera!!!  We had to call our most favorite neighbors in the whole world (hello, Clyde and Rea!) and they SAVED THE DAY!!!

Our flat tire was taken to the hospital to be repaired and we made it safely home.  NOTE TO SELF:  TAKE CAMERA EVERYWHERE!!!