it’s all about priorities…..


noun \prī-ˈȯr-ə-tē, -ˈär-\     plural = pri·or·i·ties

: something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives….

more of best pics in the world…of the world…

Let’s go!

securedownload The   Pearl Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou Valley, China 

securedownload Mount   Roraima,   Venezuela 

securedownload Boracay   Island,   Philippines 

securedownload The   Moses Bridge, Netherlands 

securedownload Petra,   Jordan 

securedownload Mountain   gondola rides, China 

securedownload Plitvice   Lakes National Park,   Croatia 

securedownload Plitvice   Lakes National Park,   Croatia (winter)

securedownload Poseidon   Undersea Resort, Fiji – $15,000 a week stay

securedownload Ubud   Hanging Gardens, Bali, Indonesia 

securedownload Monticello   Dam, Napa County, California, USA 

securedownload Gipslend   Lake,   Australia   – chemical reaction called bioluminescence turns the water fluorescent blue   

securedownload Sky   Walk, Tianmen Mountain, Chunan Province, China 

securedownload Meteora,   Greece

just some of the coolest pics from 2012….

Don’t you just love those crazy pictures you find on the internet?  Do people walk, run, swim or fly with their camera ON?

Well, maybe I should!  Check these out!

seahorse-checking-out-divers-watch-and-own-reflection-underwaterPhotograph by Don McLeish


edge-of-the-world-beach-head-chalk-cliff-southern-england Photograph by RHYS DAVIES
snow-tunnel-near-mutnovsky-kamchatka-russia Photograph by Michael Zelensky
Buddhist monks chant at Pongour Falls, the largest waterfall in Dalat, Vietnam. Photograph by DANG NGO
6530942539_fb46437b6e_b Photograph by HORST KIECHLE

4947149269_27c97269c4_b Photograph by T.-C on Flickr
iguazu-falls-waterfall-island Photograph by Andrew Murray
multiple-exposure-airplane-take-off-hannover-airport-ho-yeol-ryu Photograph by HO-YEOL RYU
most-waterskiers-ever-pulled-behind-a-single-boat Photograph by MARK SEATON PHOTOGRAPHY
rainbow-surf-shot Photograph by ZAK NOYLE

worth a thousand words…

You’ve heard the expression, right?  A picture is worth a thousand words

These are pictures from around the web.   I wish I knew each photographer’s name, because some of them are so powerful that I got a little choked up and would love to see more.  Look and listen with your heart to each story told…

It’s picture time….

Ok! I hope that I didn’t offend anyone with my version of the story of Ruth and Boaz. It was not my intention and I am sorry if I did. But we are finished with that and on to other matters….like my time at the ranch!
I’ve had to wait until I got to Phoenix to download the oodles of photos that I took. It’s been driving me crazy that I haven’t been able to do this on the iPad……but alas, dear people in Blogville….I will do it now! I even have plans to submit one….. or seven…….. to the 2010 Lincoln County Fair!! WOO HOO!! For those of you that can’t stand the suspense..the judging for ‘pho-togs’, such as myself…obviously…will be on Monday, august 2nd, at 9 am, area 3. Please don’t go to area 4, as I am not entering any crops. So…not to get y’all too built up…the first prize is $5.00 . I already have that cash earmarked so I’m really looking for a first place……place. I really hope that I don’t get 3rd place…since the prize is $1.00. They probably just dig in their pockets and fish out three quarters and some nickels..and a coupon. So…let’s keep our fingerrs crossed!!

This could be an entry.  (p.s….I only take compliments..)   But settle down!  It might NOT be the one………..or seven……….entered.  You just have to be patient…….