the adventure…

Oh boy….what a day!!!  Clyde and Rea took their very favorite neighbor…

me, to the towers that are waaaaaaaayyy over there…(yes, I am a bit wind-blown and Rea took my picture and didn’t chop off my head!  Hooray!!!)

Ok, see the mountain with the teeny tiny bit of snow on it?  Yep!  That’s where we were!

let’s just say that today….we were high.

We even had a picnic and Rea remembered EVERYthing that could possibly go into a picnic.  There were ham sandwiches, pickles (dill and sweet), chips, cantaloupe, apples, oranges, cupcakes, candy corn, caramel corn, fig newtons, carrots, granola bars, protein bars……we had everything times three.

Little nervous when we got in the car and there was rope, gloves and a gun….

I thought, “Hmmm….did Jimmy tell them to leave me in the forest?” …..Possibly… but don’t worry my friends…I would find my way back home eventually.

The drive was beautiful….hard to capture the beauty in pictures…

Each time we stopped, Clyde would pick us flowers!  How sweet was that?  (they were surely for Rea, but I can pretend they were for me too!)

Then we saw two hawks sitting together on a tree…not IN a tree…ON a tree…


Finally!  The towers!  We ate lunch, stared at the beauty and made our way back.  I can’t thank them enough for showing me around……this place is gorgeous (and they know all the back roads!!)

And see that snow topped mountain in the middle?  The Grand Teton!!

Now for a shower, and bed………’s been a great day…

the grave situation….

Let’s go to the Freedom Cemetery?  Why not?  What else are you doing?  Hmm?

One the drive over we passed by some ELK….enjoying an afternoon snack.  These were “tame” elk, however I did not go try to pet one or even saddle one up.  I wasn’t too surprised that they were eating out of a truck, because I have been to some of Jimmy’s job sites and his men, also, eat from trucks…although they might not be eating the same thing..soo…..

So once we passed the hungry elk, we were there…Yep.  The Freedom Cemetery  (I know because I can read)

Honestly, there wasn’t anyone there that I knew (phew!) but Clyde and Rea know EVERYONE that is there!  If they don’t know them….well, by golly they are related to them!  So I got first hand knowledge of all the “guests” that are staying there.  First we had to fix up Mama’s headstone….I caught Clyde begging Rea’s mama for forgiveness……..NO, wait!!!!  He was fixing the flowers!  Nevermind….waaaay different!

I asked Clyde where he and Rea were going to buried (cause I’m nosey) and he showed me….just past The Hoopes….I felt silly….of course it would be just past The Hoopes….

However, I just couldn’t get a clear picture in my head…… I just had “one little favor”….

OH!!! NOW I CAN SEE IT….(tried but couldn’t get Rea to lay down beside him)…

So, next I got to see the Old Pump that Clyde’s grandpa.. (great grandpa? first cousin’s uncle’s dad?).. put in back in the 1800’s.  Of course I had just “one little favor”

OH!!  NOW I SEE IT!!!  Of course he had to prime it for about 20 minutes…but HEY!  It’s for my blog!!!!!  (just kidding…it didn’t take that long….  🙂

Well, it’s actually a very pretty cemetery and I’m glad that I was allowed in…(probably first and last time)..


back in the saddle…

Ok, not so much saddle, but I did make it back to the ranch.  Last night I got to the ranch at about 9:30pm….creepy time…stayed up until midnight and  had the hardest time trying to go to sleep.

This morning I woke up ready to rock and roll!  That is code for clean….but first I had to peek outside and get some pics…..remember…it was last month when we took pictures of about 5 feet of snow….now…

      not so much!

Looks like the garage made it without any snow damage.

                                                But it looks like it’s about to rain…..again…

                                                BUT…..before I go….check this out!!  My neighbors heard me whining and brought me a little something….since Jimmy is driving our truck up here from Phoenix…….I’VE GOT WHEELS!!!!  WOO HOOO!!! MANY THANKS, CLYDE AND REA!!  

                                                 Tomorrow I might just have to swing into town…  (that’s how I talk now) … maybe chat with the locals, grab the mail….and….well, then I might come back and nap.  It’s a rough life here…just me and the elk, who by the way are thoroughly enjoying eating our grass….(grrrr)