Ok, today I leave for CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA!!  What?  Why am I going?  Well……there is a speaking/writing conference called, “She Speaks” that is being held over the weekend and I just figgerd….(I should probably not speak, ‘texan’ while I’m there) anywho….I FIGURED that I would grab some REAL advice on writing.

Now, don’t get all excited here.  (?)  But if I am going to WRITE a book, I should probably know how to do it.  Yes, I want to write a book.  What?  What will it be about?  Hmm…..verrrrry good question.  I definitely know three things…..1) how to take care of a medically fragile child   2) how to keep your sanity when having a medically fragile child  3)how to laugh when you are taking care of a medically fragile child.

People, I didn’t have Clay for 15 1/2 years to just keep all this bottled up inside.  I might, just MIGHT, be able to help someone out there in book-land.  I am praying about this and would appreciate your prayers also.  AND IF THIS ISN’T THE DIRECTION THAT THE LORD WANTS ME TO GO….well, I pray that I will have a little godly discernment and pull back.  But in the meantime…………..I’m meeting Susan in North Carolina for an AWESOME weekend!

I hope I learn something…..more than just how hot/humid North Carolina is in July.