guns, god and lipstick…

Ok…it’s not my fault.  My son is the one who got me interested in guns.  He talked me into getting a membership at Scottsdale Gun Club in Scottsdale, Arizona and boy oh boy is it ever fun!

It was fun for me because I got to hang out with my favorite guy and fun for him because he got to teach me the hows, what’s and why’s of gun handling.  We both got our concealed weapons permit for Arizona but I GOT ONE FOR IDAHO SO I’M ONE UP!!!!

So when Jimmy isn’t at the ranch (guns make him nervous and he wants NO part of them!) I get to pull out my targets and do a little practicing.  In fact, he is SO jumpy when we head out into the Nat’l Forest and I take along my shotgun.  I tell him not to worry that I will protect him from the Black Bear that is supposed to be haunting the area, and he just gives me a look that says, ‘lady-i-think-i’ll-feel-safer-with-the-bear’.  Oh, settle down you crazy cat and just relax and let mama have her fun.

So now I’m looking for a designer (naturally) purse for my piece.  They make some pretty fancy ones, but I have yet to find the perfect bag.

OH!  I saw a t-shirt in Jackson Hole that said, ‘If God wanted us to be vegetarians he would have made broccoli more fun to shoot at‘.  OK, that’s funny.  But before you get all riled up, I don’t hunt!!  I can’t imagine shooting at something that has a face.  (Unless that face entered my house without my permission… criminals…..take notice).

Don’t worry…..I’m not crazy….but I might be packin’ heat…………