fireworks in CA…

We just got back from a COOL  (in more ways than one) vacay in lovely San Diego!  Yep, we were there for the big 15 second fireworks show!  We thought it was a great beginning….only to find out that it was  also the end!  Oh well…..

The temperature was unbearable in Arizona, and with the fourth of July being a holiday….and the fifth of July being a birthday… we loaded up a few of our favorite things…

And drove to Coronado Island!!!  All of our grown kids, and two grandkids got to share the weekend with us!  And I must tell you….the youngest is 27 and the oldest is 33 years……..and they are absolutely hysterical.  We spent the weekend laughing and enjoying the weather with most of it being around the pool!!

Hello, girls!!!! 

Later the girls wanted mama to take them to the water….to play their guitars, of course..


These are true soul surfers…..(just ask them)

So while the fireworks show was a BUST……..the weekend with the family was absolutely PRICELESS!!!!

oh…good times…..

Finally got a chance to get Sofia ALL to myself!!!  It’s been a while since she and I had a Nani/Sofia day and we did have a WONDERFUL DAY!!

First we started by doing a little damage in Dillards.  Not PHYSICAL damage…but FINANCIAL damage….

She thought the world might end if she didn’t have these boots.  It was told to me with SUCH drama, that I too, began to question the state of the universe… we bought them. And this five year old doesn’t just wear her clothes…she OWNS THEM…..BIG DIFFERENCE.  So, four shirts, two leggings, one pair of boots and one pair of purple sparkly high-tops later…..we went home and made peanut butter cookies.

BUT….she (and I quote) “DOES NOT LIKE PEANUT BUTTER”…so I didn’t tell her what was in them…and changed the name to Sofia-Cookies and she loved them….I am quite clever when I want to be.

Once Papi came home we drove to our FAVORITE BAR!!!! Ok… it’s an Ice Cream Bar……..whatever!!!  We got ice cream and it was DEEEE-LICIOUS!!

Interesting that hers was called, “Wild and Reckless”…kinda got me scared for the rest of the evening.  But instead we drove around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights!  And boy O boy……did we ever see them!!!  These pictures will NOT do this home justice!!  If you’re in the neighborhood…go to 44th Street and Calle de Tuberia… will NOT miss it!

Ok…let me say it another way.  When your home has SO MANY LIGHTS that you have several donation jars placed around your driveway, and you have a hot chocolate table stand set up for $1/cup AND you have a GIFT SHOP on the patio……..well….you have out done yourself, my friend!!!  WOWSERS!!!

Even the bay windows of the house had things happening.  One window had about 75 musical and moving bears that was really cute..until you stared at them and it seemed that they were all moving and looking directly at you…..  Another window had a whole Disney theme going on that was really cute and another window had an entire working city/carnival thingy happening!  There was movement and lights everywhere you looked!  No WONDER they needed donations!  I started getting a strobe light/bright light migraine so we had to leave.  It really is a beautiful sight and they encourage you to get out of your cars and mill around.The driveway has a bubble machine so kids are jumping around trying to pop bubbles so, watch out for them and you might want to take sunglasses….

All in all, it was a fabulous night and I’m happy to have my girl back in my bed!!!!! I’m one lucky Nani!!!

sassy pants…

Ok….so last night was  JAMMIE NIGHT!!!  Sofia came over yesterday and we IMMEDIATELY had to go to Toys R Us….I think it was a believable emergency.  We proceeded  down each aisle and looked at, touched, laughed at or dropped ..every toy in the store.  It is my job as a Nani to silently walk a few paces behind the “buyer” with a large cart….just in case.

After choosing the ever popular Easy Bake Oven….we went home to do some serious cooking.  First we had to make dinner and as everyone knows….chicken fingers are a gourmet treat.

She has all the tools necessary for a chicken finger night.  The players in this production are chicken, flour, whole wheat (shh…don’t tell) bread crumbs and a little milk for the ‘dippage’…..Naturally she is donning an excellent apron…

We are verrrry busy….

And then there was quite a mess…..

But who cares?  Later we went for a little ice cream at Baskin Robbins and yes…..those ARE red glitter boots……(sigh)..

What do YOU wear to Baskin Robbins?  And later we came home to watch a little tv and relaaaaax….

How do YOU watch tv?  Hmm??  Then this little face sent me off into la-la land………she is soooooooo sweet!!

Then this made me gasp…..thinking about the teenage years…….eeek!!!

Oh….mom & dad………….you are in for quite a ride!!!!!!  

loving monday….

Oh, it’s good to be home!!!  I got to see this…

and a little of this….

Then we danced to Elmo…

I couldn’t be happier………wait……yes, I could……Wednesday we are having a jammie sleepover with Sofia…..

We’re talking, ice cream, toys…..and sleeping with Nani!!!!

(But I will say…..this was good!)