still the challenging challenge…

Wowsers…Day 6.  The challenge has taken a new direction…First it was the “can you drink the shakes for 7 days“.  Then it is the “can you eat these foods for 7 days“.  Last night it was  “can you go to a restaurant and not eat everything on the menu” challenge…..

Seriously, Jim?  Tommy V’s?  Only our favorite italian restaurant and this is where the hardworking man wants to go.  Sigh…….ok.

But earlier in the day….

First I had to do this………ugh.  The “arc”…….

I found out that is it’s name.  It’s a stupid machine and it’s a stupid name….and we don’t like each other.  I know……it’s not very christian, but there is a deep seated hatred between the two of us.

I had called earlier in the day to tell Mike that I was coming to use the TREADMILL.  See?  Treadmill and ARC do not sound anything like the other…..and he says, ” 45 minutes on the arc”.  I texted back, “I can’t hear you.”

Unfortunately he knows about these new phones better than I do and he sent me an “audio” message.  Basically it said that I was getting on the arc.  Man, if I had been Mrs. Noah, I would have pushed him OUT of the Ark!!!

 But that’s another story.

So I loaded up my fan.  I loaded up my bright orange extension cord.  And I loaded up my huge bottle of water.  None of these items helped.  Butt….I did my 45 minutes on the arc.  (I can feel the machine trying to make break me…)

Soooo….once I had crippled myself for the 45 minutes, I told myself I deserved a treat.  Then I drove (not to the ice cream parlor) but to the hair salon to get a much needed mani and pedi…..

 Oh, thank you, Maya…..I almost fell asleep in the bubbles…..

Before I knew it, it was over and I headed to AJ’s for a few things for dinner.  You know….the “secret I can’t tell you” dinner from the meal plan that Mike made for me.

But it was about 4:30pm when Jimmy called and announced that we were going out.   OUT means, “oh please let them have what I need on the menu!” for me.  My son, Bret joined us which meant “mom, feed me, dad pay”……..

  Fantastic food people……and only blocks away…..dangerous

We sat up at the bar and they ordered the Osteria Board which has flat out goodness and deliciousness all over it……I got to watch them devour it. There was a tasty looking morsel that dropped on Bret’s napkin that I wanted to attack, but I composed myself and just stared at it until Bret, feeling quite uncomfortable, finally folded his napkin over it.


  I am not going to lie to you now… I snuck a bite of the eggplant and Lord only knows what else.  But THAT’S IT.  I could only imagine the ARC and TREADMILL revving up their motors, as if they knew that somewhere out there…..I was cheating and I was going to get it………..eek!  Sometimes it’s like a scary Stephen King movie in my head…don’t go in there…..

But I ordered a nice piece of grilled fish and a salad and was a happy girl.  Ok, not as happy as  Bret and Jimmy was after polishing off the board, Kobe beef stacks, Short-rib sliders and a pizza!

Really?  Could you put more temptation in front of me at once??????  Anywho….because I slipped a bit with the eggplant….I paid for it later.

How?  Yep……a borborygmus.  Remember our lesson on Day 2?  That is the stomache gurgling, screaming, fizzing and growling…..

  Yeah……..kinda like that.

surviving restaurants…with children…

I love the fact that our kids are OLD!  Now, wait a minute…. not THAT old, because that would start to age me….but since our youngest is now 26, I don’t have to decide if I want to take them to a restaurant or have a complete root canal.

NOW…it’s THEIR turn……So for those of you that remember what it was like taking your young children to a restaurant, here is the conversation that I remember….


  • “No one else in the history of the world has refused to eat potatoes”
  • “Sit up.  Do not rub your head on the tablecloth.”
  • “Just leave it on the floor.  You may not climb under the table”
  • “Get your hair out of the ketchup, please”
  • “Wipe that on your napkin…not your shirt.”
  • “Stop pointing. We will talk about fat people, baldness and amputations when we get home.”
  • “I refuse to believe that there is nothing on your plate that you like”
  • “You have your own chair.”
  • “Do not kick your brother/sister under the table.”
  • “Do not play with your silverware.  They are not your antennae.”
  • “Well, at least you tried it.  Spit it out in your napkin.”
  • “We’ve been to the bathroom twice.  It’s not an adventure, you know.”
  • “I do not believe you will die of thirst before she brings your water.”
  • “Where are your manners?”
  • “Do you ever want to eat in a restaurant again as long as you live?”
I’m quite sure that I am missing sooo many more….Please feel to add your own in the Comment section….and put down the chopsticks, they are not drum sticks……do you want to sit in the car??