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Is it that time of year already?  Well, here are some great pictures of a great vocation……hard to say which one is my favorite!












30 story hotel in 15 days? Is there an app for that?…

hotel-in-China-built-in-360-hours                                                              Really?    Do you realize what can happen in 15 days?

  • For some men, it takes 1 year to grow a full beard
  • It takes 1 year, 1 month and 2 weeks (slowest time) to get to the moon
  • Cats can live several weeks without food, as long as they have drinking water

But the Chinese have managed to build a 30 story building…… only 15 days.

Each of the sections have electric and plumbing already installed, and were even tested for accuracy prior to installation….and all prior to leaving the factory!

It appears these sections that were formed and pre-tested at the factory are like big Lego Blocks…all fitting together just so!

Builders in China completed a 170,000 square foot, 30-story prefabricated hotel  in just 15 days, ending on New Year’s Eve –  says the Huffington Post.

The Chinese company behind the speedy process, Broad Sustainable Building  Corporation, has some former success with building quickly. Once the world’s  largest producer of air conditioning equipment, it previously built the 15-story  Ark Hotel in Changsha, China, in just six days. (VIA)


wanna go to Hong Kong? I noah guy…..


Billionaire brothers built a 450 ft long life-size replica of Noah’s Ark in Hong Kong. ( After their father died of a heart attack in 1990, Thomas and Raymond Kwok, now 60 and 59, helped expand the family business, Sun Hung Kai Properties, into Hong Kong’s largest real estate developer. The evangelical Christians control a combined fortune of about $15 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.)

Having been built, according to the Bible, thousands of years ago, Noah’s Ark has only ever existed in peoples’ imaginations, but not anymore.
A group of architects who pondered what the Biblical vessel looked like have turned their dreams into reality by constructing a Noah’s Ark replica, complete with animals.

Thomas, Walter and Raymond’s land-bound Ark certainly has dimensions on a Biblical scale, measuring a massive 450 ft long and 75 ft wide.

The tourists go in two-by-two: The Noah’s Ark Theme Park, complete with fiberglass animals, sits in front of the Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong.
Water sight: The Ark also boasts less authentic Biblical touches such as double-glazed windows and a fine dining restaurant.
The billionaire brothers who built the Ark in Hong Kong claim it is the only full-scale version in the world.
And the imaginative trio even attempted to give the giant boat an air of authenticity by placing 67 pairs of animals at the entrance, just like the pairs of creatures saved from the Great Flood by Noah in the Bible tale.
The creationist-inspired vessel forms part of a theme park near Hong Kong which was inspired by a young girl’s scrawled drawing of the mammoth boat.
Architects appear to have used some artistic license in parts of the Ark – for instance including double-glazed windows, a fine dining restaurant and luxurious bedrooms.
Inside, real-life exotic animals can be found – including a nautilus, a toucan and reams of fish.
All lit up: The Ark shines under Hong Kong’s lights as a fiberglass giraffe stands guard near the entrance.
The Noah’s Ark Theme Park is now run by Christian organizations, who use it to promote peace and unity.  Matthew Pine, manager of Noah’s Ark Theme Park, said: They had a vision to do something remarkable, something outstanding.
Bed for the night: Guests on board Noah’s Ark can also stay on the Biblical vessel in one of its luxurious hotel-style rooms.
securedownload Matthew added: ‘The reason we chose that moment in the Bible’s story is because this is the message we want to bring to Hong Kong, to China, to the world. In our lives we always face floods, we will face trials, we will face difficulties.
‘Hopefully Noah’s Ark will inspire people to pass  through those troubles as Noah did in his day.’ The Ark opened in May 2009, 17 years after plans were first made for the enormous structure.FINAL THOUGHTS:  If you decide to make a trip to Hong Kong, to visit the Ark…….watch where you step…

things NOT to say to the workmen…

Well, we’ve had people working at the barn for quite a while now.  The weather has kept them away and so it is time to pull up our tool belts and get this show on the road.

So if you have a “project” and hire men to work for you……here’s what NOT to say:

“Well, just get to it whenever you can”

“Just take my credit card”

“Oh, I guess you can leave it right there…”

“I don’t care how much it costs.”

“I don’t care how long it takes”

“Just go ahead and do it, we’ll figure out how much it costs later.”

“Why don’t you make a list?  Then you wouldn’t have to drive to the store so often”

“I guess I don’t really need to see a copy of your insurance, as long as you have it.”

“Is there supposed to be a hole there?”

“Why do you want to know if that vase is antique?”

“Can I trust you?”