the conference continues…in my heart…

The plane ride is over and the laundry is done.  Now it is time to get back to life.

I left the conference with so much information in my little P31 bag.  I had all of my notes and visions of me sitting down to the computer and knocking out a best-seller in a matter of weeks.  But great things take time.  And rejections are a part of life and I certainly better get used to that.

Cecil Murphy said, “We have no idea what God will do with our efforts”,  and “just one story can change a life.”  Wow.  Imagine changing someones life?  I have to remember that I am writing to glorify God and not myself.  More of Him….less of me.

Oh, I pray for teachable moments.  I pray that I will hear what God is teaching me and use that information wisely.  God is my Master and I am His servant.  The servants role is to be obedient to the Master…..Father, open my ears and open my eyes to see you and to be a light so others might see YOU in me……

ahh…the conference…

Wow.  What a wonderful writing/speaking conference!  I never imagined in my wildest dreams….ok…..wait.  Maybe I haven’t told you my dreams before.  Sometimes they are funny.  Sometimes they are wacky.  Most of the time they are just plain wierd.

Back to the conference.  In my WILDEST dreams I never thought I could learn so much.  The speakers were fabulous and it was wonderful having editors and book publishers on hand.  I was very prepared for this.  I had my pencils, my highlighters, some post-its, business cards (though I have no business), and perfect shoes.  Honestly, isn’t it all about the shoes?

So now I can settle down with my notes and glean all the information I can to piece together my story.  It will certainly take some time but I have an abundance of that.  Just sit back and relax, while I make my sweet-tea (yes! it was everywhere!) and take up residence in front of the computer.

I’ll keep you posted!   My….don’t I look skinny….and taller?