happily ever after…

Ok….my information comes from The Believers Bible Commentary here….not mine….but you gotta hear this..

“Regarding chapter 4:7-8, In those days, all transactions concerning redemption and exchange were confirmed by one of the parties taking off his sandal and handing it to the other.  The law actually specified that the widow should take off the sandal of the refusing kinsman and spit in his face.  (Deut. 25:9) In this case the closer relative simply took off his sandal and gave it to Boaz.”

HAHA!!  Sorry….but spitting in their face? That is kinda funny to me and again I state…I’m really glad that I didn’t live back in that era because I am incapable of spitting.  I just can’t do it.  So the other guy would get a lot of wind and I would have spit running down my own chin.  (excuse the visual)

So here we are.  Boaz and Ruth get married.  She isn’t sleeping at his feet anymore….nope she gets to sleep in the KING bed!!  And they have a little bundle of joy on the way!  And all that happened in THREE SENTENCES!  Wow!  These people are shakers and movers!  They name their baby Obed and Naomi falls right into Grandma mode.  Obed later becomes the father of Jesse, and Jesse the father of David.

And we all know that David was a man after God’s own heart. (1 Samuel 13:14)…..

enter 2nd cousin…

Wow.  So far we have grain in our hair from sleeping on a threshing floor and we’ve left Ruth sitting paralyzed in her kitchen HOPING that Boaz will text her and tell her that they will marry!!

Meanwhile…Boaz goes into town and wouldn’t you know it…..GUESS WHO WALKS BY?  Yes!  It’s our mystery “close relative”!!  What a coinky dink!!  So Boaz puffs out his chest and says in a deep voice (ok, my version again) “Step aside, man…sit down…we need to chat.”  Then Boaz gathers up about 10 members of his posse and says, “Why don’t you guys sit down here for a sec.”  Then Boaz looks over at the cousin and says, “Ok.  Here’s the dealio….there is land that our relative Elimelech had that is being sold by his widow, Naomi.  I wanted you to know and you can buy it back….right here and now…but if you don’t want it then I’m next in line.”

Second cousin spits out, “I’ll buy it.”  He doesn’t know where.  He doesn’t know how big and he doesn’t know how much but he sure wants first rights.  Boaz says, “Cool…..and oh yeah, you also get a mother-in-law, a widowed daughter-in-law and the responsibility to have more kids to carry on the family name.  But, hey…..you want it, you got it.”

I imagine that Boaz gets up, winking at his peeps and starts to walk away when the cousin says, “Wwwait a minute.  I can’t jeopardize my OWN family inheritance …so….you can have it.”  Boaz gives him a high five and seals the deal.

PHEW!!!  I wonder if Boaz gambled much?  He sure had a poker face during that confrontation.  God is good…..all the time……all the time….God is good.