understanding little johnny and the pictures in his head…

 Little Johnny tough to figure out? 

Hmm….what’s going on in that head of his??

a baseball tourney!

Well now…..aren’t we just filled with sports this week?  Today we went to the AZ Diamondbacks new facility over on Pima and Indian Bend.  Beautiful sports park……and a hot day for a baseball game!

Our nephew, Santiago, is in the 16 yr old Club Baseball tournament and we LOVE to watch him play.  Do you remember when we went to Omaha, Nebraska for his tourney?  His team won IT ALL!!!!!  They won another tournament and are un-stoppable!!

And this weekend is MORE games!!

These kids have gotten huge….and they are POWER HITTERS!!  (Gee, I hope that is Santiago….they all look the same after a while)

 That is proof that we were there…..sitting on hot, metal bleachers….at 1:00 in the afternoon….but luckily I have my umbrella, ella, ella, ella….

I decided that I needed some water, so we went to the concession stand……  Aquafina (glorified tap water) is $4.00 a bottle….( I took off the sticker so it would look designer )…

 And I think it is a law that you have to have Crackerjack at the ball game….so we got some of that too……(yep, $4.00 Crackerjack)  and the prize just turned out to be a stupid test….’a guess who I am’ test….IT’S SUMMER!!! NO TESTS!!!  (btw…I looked at the back of the stupid book and the answer was Susan B. Anthony) Stupid test…

Oh!!  And WE WON!!!!  9 – 4.……so there are two more games Saturday and one on Sunday.


woo hoo!!!

Well, we’ve been in Omaha, Nebraska since last Wednesday watching our nephew play in the Club Baseball National Tournament!  How exciting is that?  They are animals…….okay, not literally but they WON THE NATIONAL TITLE!!  So how’s them apples?

They played (we sat) in the hot, hot sun………the heat index said it was 127 on the field.  My BODY index agreed heartily.  It was torture.  But let’s talk about the upswing.  We won.  We got a little tanner.  We won.  We reminded ourselves that it’s sorta nice that we are empty nesters and don’t have a 14 year old boy in the house.  Whew!  I forgot how much energy they have!  And since when did they start making them so huge?  Some of these kids are 6 feet already!!

So all in all…..Omaha was good times.  Oh……and we won 6-3.