weekend motivation…or…death awaits me…

images  Started…..puff………running……….wheeze…..again.

A few of my friends on Facebook……you know who you are……….have started running.  And if I weren’t so RIDICULOUSLY competitive, I would have let it go.

But no.

There is no possible way I could read about their progress without thinking about my … laziness “For crying out loud!” my brain screamed..  “You live in the most beautiful city, with the most beautiful weather….no job, kids all grown…”

OK. OK!  OKAY!!!!!

So…I got out and ran.  And by the way, no, those are NOT my legs in the picture.  Mine are shorter and slower.

Here are a few of my running rules:

  1. I do not like to run with a partner
  2. I do not like to talk while running because I am listening to my wheeze and my faint heart beat
  3. I will not move out of your way because I could fall and die
  4. If it sounds like a scary old man is running behind you, it is probably me
  5. I never stop for potty breaks
  6. I turn beet red when I run because I am a non-sweater..er

I’ve have raced in a marathon in Paris, done countless half-marathons and the local 10 and 5K’s, but it’s has been a long time since these old legs were moving at a faster- than – walking speed.

So Thank you, Facebook friends for dragging my buns off the couch and back out into the streets.  But I swear, if I break a hip, I’m coming after you………slowly, but definitely coming after you…


might not be easy being green, but it’s pretty cool…

 On another green note….

Here is some ‘green’ info from TreeHugger.com

Considering how Las Vegas casinos dole out drinks, it’s nice to think that something positive is being done with all those beer bottles emptied on the Strip. We can rest assured that’s the case for at least 500,000 of them, which were collected, crushed, and formed into a composite building material to produce the world’s biggest building made from glass bottles. The recently completed Morrow Royal Pavilion is a regal building that fits right with the rest of Sin City.

The building material is called GreenStone, designed by Scott McCombs, the founder of Realm of Design, a company that produces architectural elements (think  gazebos, fountains, balustrades, etc.). The Pavilion is modeled after England’s Swarkestone Hall Pavilion (where the Rolling Stones did a famous photo shoot for their compilation album Hot Rocks).

This is the first building Realm of Design has made from GreenStone, and it’s actually a new manufacturing center for the company. The half million bottles kept 290,000 pounds of glass out of the landfill. They are crushed and mixed with fly ash to produce a building material that can take the place of concrete and eliminate its massive carbon footprint.


How about a solar covered parking system that offsets building energy costs?  Yep!  It’s here in Phoenix and is not only pleasing to look at,  but it can even pay for itself in as little as 10 years!  BRILLIANT.  (Shown: Burton Barr Library)

Planes, trains… and, yes, automobiles. Rob Boydstun of Boydstun Metal Works has launched a new company, Miranda Homes, that constructs traditional stick-built family houses from crushed cars. Rather than wood, these homes are framed with recycled steel from junked cars. The structures exceed Energy Star efficiency standards and can be built in a fraction of the time with just a third of the labor needed for wood-framed houses. (via ecoble.com)

Speaking of wine barrels (okay, stay with me people)  how about staying at the  Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren in Holland  and sleep inside a rescued wine barrel. Yes, the four recycled hotel rooms are each furnished with 2 beds, a television, and a bathroom. The wine barrels are set in a traditional hotel atmosphere with adjoining outdoor porches and fresh flowers.

Bottom line:  Do some research!  There are so many reasons to be go green!!

love Rocky Point? need a job?

Hey, beach go-ers!  Most of us Arizonan‘s know all about Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco, Mexico) enjoying the surf and the sand.  But how about a job?  Know español or ingles?

Here’s the scoop:  You need a high school education and an engineering degree or a professional technical degree to get your zapato in the door…  Check out this Press Release that just hit the streets!

City Press Release. July 19, 2012

Through the investment of 100 million dollars and the creation of at least 400 jobs, over the next three years, the Aeromk II company – which builds jet planes for aerial combat training – is setting up shop in Puerto Peñasco, announced Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro. The Mayor mentioned there would be 67 million dollars within the first phase, and the hiring of 150 people to begin operations within the facilities of the “Sea of Cortez” International Airport.

“We see how in Sonora there is a push for the aerospace industry and in Peñasco we have been able to ensure the installation of this plant in our city, which as the City Government we, along with the Mayan Group, have provided all pathways to bring about the project,” explained Zepeda.

He highlighted this will be the only plant in Mexico since 1968 to build a plane as well as be the only Aerial Training Center in our country, which will be reflected in the level of skilled labor required. He mentioned that hiring has already begun, with a highschool degree as the minimum requirement, along with professional technical or engineering degrees related with metal-mechanics; in addition, a basic level of English is also needed. The lowest salaries will begin at 4 times the minimum wage.

It is believed the plant will take up 60,000 square meters and will be located at the airport, where applications and interviews are already being accepted and held. The Mayor expressed the Plant project is also being considered for a reality show with the History Channel, with respect to activities done as part of the Training Center. He also stated the coming arrival of other companies to serve as suppliers for Aeromk II, including Garmin and General Electric.

So wipe off that sunscreen and shake off the sand!  Let’s get a job!!

And……as always…….you’re welcome!

fireworks in CA…

We just got back from a COOL  (in more ways than one) vacay in lovely San Diego!  Yep, we were there for the big 15 second fireworks show!  We thought it was a great beginning….only to find out that it was  also the end!  Oh well…..

The temperature was unbearable in Arizona, and with the fourth of July being a holiday….and the fifth of July being a birthday… we loaded up a few of our favorite things…

And drove to Coronado Island!!!  All of our grown kids, and two grandkids got to share the weekend with us!  And I must tell you….the youngest is 27 and the oldest is 33 years……..and they are absolutely hysterical.  We spent the weekend laughing and enjoying the weather with most of it being around the pool!!

Hello, girls!!!! 

Later the girls wanted mama to take them to the water….to play their guitars, of course..


These are true soul surfers…..(just ask them)

So while the fireworks show was a BUST……..the weekend with the family was absolutely PRICELESS!!!!

the loooong week…

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a bit, but I had to fly out to Arkansas on Tuesday because my father had been rushed to the ER.

I had received a call from my sister (holla!) and she explained that our dad was very sick and had a seizure IN the emergency room  and his heart rate was dropping. Remembering he had a quintuple bypass previously, we were all pretty scared.

So, within two hours, I had boarded a plane and was going to meet my sis in Dallas, then off to Arkansas we would go!!

Now, if you know me, I have a horrible sense of direction and get lost quite easily. Its a sad little detail that comes up daily.  My mom used to say, “If Sandi pulls out of the driveway backwards, she’ll be lost!”…..wise woman, she is…

Once I arrived at DFW, I learned that I had to transfer to a different terminal, via a freaking train.  Please.  And knowing how directionally challenged I am, AND the fact that I only had 30 minutes to screw up,  certainly did not help.

My sister was waiting for me at the gate (who, by the way, fell in October and broke her pelvic bone in 3 places, and her wrist in about a zillion places) and she is standing with 2 bags as I hurry, in skirt and heels,  to get to her.

“Where are  your bags?”, she asked. I panicked and stood frozen for a moment, “Oh, I checked them” I said, innocently.

If only you could have seen the look on her face…………It seems that I hadtold her, “Let’s carry on our bags”, when I obviously meant, “Let’s check our bags.”  So here she is with two bags and I am with none….and quite comfortable, I might add.  Did I mention her cast on her arm?

Next we find out that I don’t have a seat assignment on the plane, however Cheri has seat one.  In the front.  Best seat in the house.  I take our tickets up to the angry woman behind the desk and she assigns us two seats together…..in the last row…..where the seats don’t recline…..and where your elbow touches the bathroom behind you.  (hmm….there’s that look  again)

I informed her that she should be happy that we are sitting together since she loves me so and we haven’t seen each other in about a year.  Again the look.

Anywho…..we got to the airport in Arkansas around 10:30, grabbed  an overpriced rental car and rushed over to the hospital.  Dad was finally in a room and tests were being run, temperature taken, charts were flying………(actually he was resting, but that sounded better).

Bottom line?  Tick bites!  Can you believe it?  So, short story really long, he stayed in the hospital for five days, we flew him back to Houston and after making sure everyone was well, I am back home in AZ.  (I don’t want to go into too much detail about his stay in the hospital and I know he doesn’t want me talking about him, but I love him soooo much and am grateful to all my friends for all the prayers!)

Mercy!  No, really…Mercy Hospital.  Right across from a mall.  It was delightful!!!  (the mall, not so much the hospital)

But here’s the funny scary part.  Once we were at the airport to fly home, my sister found a tick on her stomach!!!  Yikes!!!  They are everywhere!!!  So after a good thirty minutes of screaming, high voices and my laughter  concern, she has been feeling okay.

So, it’s been a full week of no blog time and lots of hospital time.  I’m happy to say that my dad is feeling better and I am home in my own bed…….

oh yeah…the OTHER ranch…

We’ve been having so much fun up at the ranch in Wyoming, that we forgot about some land we have here in Arizona!  Ok, maybe forgot is the wrong word.  How about….just kept making payments and didn’t go back out to see it in over a year…..Yes.  That’s much better.

We’ve  got a “high desert” thing going on near Prescott!  We bought the land about 7 or 8 years ago, and just haven’t built the house yet.  After going out there today, and realizing it’s only a do-able 2 hour drive….it’s back on the front burner now!

It’s about 42 acres and from the front entrance, it is a one mile walk to the back.  I took this picture after we walked to the back of the property (where we would like to build…someday) and can you see the little white speck in the middle of the picture? that is our truck…..parked waaay over there…

Two great things about the property.  The fence (which is the only thing we have done) and the railroad tracks that border the property on the east side..I love trains and it is a ‘ribbon rail’ so there isn’t a clackety-clack thing happening.

Now I won’t even repeat what my hubby calls this mountain….(sigh)

                                            Here is a a general store…

And that is what my son loves about the area…..the skull….. (insert another sigh here)….boys!!

Hopefully we will decide to do something soon because it is a beautiful area and not so far as Wyoming!  Or maybe we’ll just wait until the cows come home…

getting political..PLEASE READ!

Ok, here is a letter I received from Senator Sylvia Allen:

Everyone needs to understand what Arizona is doing.  Phoenix is now the murder/kidnapping capital of the country.  What affects AZ affects every other state, too.

I'm Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen. I want to explain SB 1070
which I voted for and was just signed by Governor Jan Brewer.
Rancher Rob Krantz was murdered by the drug cartel on his ranch a
month ago. I participated in a senate hearing two weeks ago on the
border violence, here is just some of the highlights from those who

The people who live within 60 to 80 miles of the Arizona/Mexico Border
have for years been terrorized and have pleaded for help to stop the
daily invasion of humans who cross their property . One Rancher
testified that 300 to 1200 people a DAY come across his ranch
vandalizing his property, stealing his vehicles and property, cutting
down his fences, and leaving trash. In the last two years he has found
17 dead bodies and two Koran bibles. 

Another rancher testified that daily drugs are brought across his
ranch in a military operation. A point man with a machine gun goes in
front, 1/2 mile behind are the guards fully armed, 1/2 mile behind
them are the drugs, behind the drugs 1/2 mile are more guards. These
people are violent and they will kill anyone who gets in the way. This
was not the only rancher we heard that day that talked about the drug

One man told of two illegal's who came upon his property one shot in
the back and the other in the arm by the drug runners who had forced
them to carry the drugs and then shot them. Daily they listen to gun
fire during the night it is not safe to leave his family alone on the
ranch and they can't leave the ranch for fear of nothing being left
when they come back. 

The border patrol is not on the border. They have set up 60 miles away
with check points that do nothing to stop the invasion. They are not
allowed to use force in stopping anyone who is entering. They run
around chasing them, if they get their hands on them then they can
take them back across the border. 

Federal prisons have over 35% illegal's and 20% of Arizona prisons are
filled with illegal's. In the last few years 80% of our law
enforcement that have been killed or wounded have been by an illegal. 

The majority of people coming now are people we need to be worried
about. The ranchers told us that they have seen a change in the people
coming they are not just those who are looking for work and a better

The Federal Government has refused for years to do anything to help
the border states. We have been over run and once they are here we
have the burden of funding state services that they use. Education
cost have been over a billion dollars. The healthcare cost billions of
dollars. Our State is broke, $3.5 billion deficit and we have many
serious decisions to make. One is that we do not have the money to
care for any who are not here legally. It has to stop.
The border can be secured. We have the technology we have the ability
to stop this invasion. We must know who is coming and they must come
in an organized manner legally so that we can assimilate them into our
population and protect the sovereignty of our country. We are a nation
of laws. We have a responsibility to protect our citizens and to
protect the integrity of our country and the government which we live

I would give amnesty today to many, but here is the problem, we dare
not do this until the Border is secure. It will do no good to forgive
them because thousands will come behind them and we will be over run
to the point that there will no longer be the United States of America
but a North American Union of open borders. I ask you what form of
government will we live under? How long will it be before we will be
just like Mexico, Canada or any of the other Central American or South
American countries? We have already lost our language, everything must
be printed in Spanish also. We have already lost our history it is no
longer taught in our schools. And we have lost our borders. 

The leftist media has distorted what SB 1070 will do. It is not going
to set up a Nazi Germany. Are you kidding. The ACLU and the leftist
courts will do everything to protect those who are here illegally, but
it was an effort to try and stop illegal's from setting up businesses,
and employment, and receiving state services and give the ability to
local law enforcement when there is probable cause like a traffic stop
to determine if they are here legally. Federal law is very clear if
you are here on a visa you must have your papers on you at all times.
That is the law. In Arizona all you need to show you are a legal
citizen is a driver license, MVD identification card, Native American
Card, or a Military ID. This is what you need to vote, get a hunting
license, etc.. So nothing new has been added to this law. No one is
going to be stopped walking down the street etc... The Socialist who
are in power in DC are angry because we dare try and do something and
that something the Socialist wants us to do is just let them come.
They want the "Transformation" to continue. 

Maybe it is too late to save America. Maybe we are not worthy of
freedom anymore. But as an elected official I must try to do what I
can to protect our Constitutional Republic. Living in America is not a
right just because you can walk across the border. Being an American
is a responsibility and it comes by respecting and upholding the
Constitution the law of our land which says what you must do to be a
citizen of this country. Freedom is not free.