30 story hotel in 15 days? Is there an app for that?…

hotel-in-China-built-in-360-hours                                                              Really?    Do you realize what can happen in 15 days?

  • For some men, it takes 1 year to grow a full beard
  • It takes 1 year, 1 month and 2 weeks (slowest time) to get to the moon
  • Cats can live several weeks without food, as long as they have drinking water

But the Chinese have managed to build a 30 story building……..in only 15 days.

Each of the sections have electric and plumbing already installed, and were even tested for accuracy prior to installation….and all prior to leaving the factory!

It appears these sections that were formed and pre-tested at the factory are like big Lego Blocks…all fitting together just so!

Builders in China completed a 170,000 square foot, 30-story prefabricated hotel  in just 15 days, ending on New Year’s Eve –  says the Huffington Post.

The Chinese company behind the speedy process, Broad Sustainable Building  Corporation, has some former success with building quickly. Once the world’s  largest producer of air conditioning equipment, it previously built the 15-story  Ark Hotel in Changsha, China, in just six days. (VIA)


might not be easy being green, but it’s pretty cool…

 On another green note….

Here is some ‘green’ info from TreeHugger.com

Considering how Las Vegas casinos dole out drinks, it’s nice to think that something positive is being done with all those beer bottles emptied on the Strip. We can rest assured that’s the case for at least 500,000 of them, which were collected, crushed, and formed into a composite building material to produce the world’s biggest building made from glass bottles. The recently completed Morrow Royal Pavilion is a regal building that fits right with the rest of Sin City.

The building material is called GreenStone, designed by Scott McCombs, the founder of Realm of Design, a company that produces architectural elements (think  gazebos, fountains, balustrades, etc.). The Pavilion is modeled after England’s Swarkestone Hall Pavilion (where the Rolling Stones did a famous photo shoot for their compilation album Hot Rocks).

This is the first building Realm of Design has made from GreenStone, and it’s actually a new manufacturing center for the company. The half million bottles kept 290,000 pounds of glass out of the landfill. They are crushed and mixed with fly ash to produce a building material that can take the place of concrete and eliminate its massive carbon footprint.


How about a solar covered parking system that offsets building energy costs?  Yep!  It’s here in Phoenix and is not only pleasing to look at,  but it can even pay for itself in as little as 10 years!  BRILLIANT.  (Shown: Burton Barr Library)

Planes, trains… and, yes, automobiles. Rob Boydstun of Boydstun Metal Works has launched a new company, Miranda Homes, that constructs traditional stick-built family houses from crushed cars. Rather than wood, these homes are framed with recycled steel from junked cars. The structures exceed Energy Star efficiency standards and can be built in a fraction of the time with just a third of the labor needed for wood-framed houses. (via ecoble.com)

Speaking of wine barrels (okay, stay with me people)  how about staying at the  Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren in Holland  and sleep inside a rescued wine barrel. Yes, the four recycled hotel rooms are each furnished with 2 beds, a television, and a bathroom. The wine barrels are set in a traditional hotel atmosphere with adjoining outdoor porches and fresh flowers.

Bottom line:  Do some research!  There are so many reasons to be go green!!