the holy week…

It’s fast approaching.  Easter this year is April 24, 2011.  And you can find out about how the date for the Resurrection Sunday is determined HERE. (I would summarize, but I like this website)

When we were in Israel, it was a rainy day when we approached the Garden of Gethsemane, and was cold and rainy when we went to the Garden Tomb also…

But did that stop us from going?  NO!  It was a moving experience that will stay with me always. It had a holy feel to it!

On that note, soon we will be approaching the Holy Week,  which can be explained like this:

Sunday: Jesus enters Jerusalem.
Monday-Wednesday: He confronts the religious leaders.
Thursday: He meets with his disciples in the Upper Room.
Thursday night-Friday morning: Jesus is betrayed, arrested, tried and beaten.
Friday: Jesus is crucified, dies, and is buried.
Saturday: Jesus remains in the tomb.
Sunday: Jesus rises from the dead.

His disciples didn’t even see it coming.  They had no idea on the Saturday before Palm Sunday, what would happen that week.  Even though Jesus had told them on more than one occasion, they were shocked and shaken to the core.

God had a plan at Calvary.  And like the rainy day that we experienced, you couldn’t see very clearly.  And the disciples could not see what was intended.  But if we look at the cross long enough…..really SEE the cross…we will see the wisdom of God.  HE knew what we needed….and we needed a Savior.

One day will come when the sunlight of God’s love surrounds us as we stand in the presence of Jesus who loved us and gave himself for us. When we get to heaven, our eyes will  finally be open to God’s good plan, we’ll look back over our life and see that through all the twists and turns and detours that …God does not make a mistake.  He loves us and has a perfect plan for our lives.