ode to overnight oats…

Oh, overnight oats….I love you so.  You’re practically ready for me when I wake….

Ok, no more poetry.  But I do love me some oats!  My father, on the other hand, does not share the same sentiment, but he’s certainly entitled to his opinion…..even though it is wrong.

Overnight oats are that….made at night, placed into the refrigerator and then a few ingredients are added in the morning.  Shall we just dive right in?  Yes.

Overnight Oats:

1/3 c. rolled oats (not instant, silly)

1/3 c. almond milk (I personally like the vanilla almond milk but any milk will do here)

1/3 c. yogurt (I use plain greek, but you newbies might want to add your own brand)

splash of cinnamon (ok, it’s actually a pinch but that word reminds me of a librarian with a  pinched bun and a pinched face)

Mix, place in mason jar, tupperware, or fancy small bowl with a lid.

In the morning, comb your hair and go to the kitchen.  Remove your bowl of goodness from the fridge and add :

1 Tblsp. chia seeds (optional, but very good for you)

1 Tblsp. almond butter

sliced strawberries, blueberries, sliced bananas or whatever fruit suits your fancy!

1/4 c. granola

Add these to your bowl of overnight oats and then delight your tastebuds!

So maybe this isn’t everyone’s dealio, but I love it and have it most every morning.  You can make tons of switches, too  (not the kind of switches your mother used on the back of your legs) but by substituting peanut butter for the almond butter.  Maybe you like skim milk or soy (gag) milk, or even worse, hemp milk.  I would personally use the milk you have in the fridge and leave it at that.

Also substitute your favorite non-sugary cereal for the granola!  I just like the extra crunch!  Your call!  However, don’t call my dad or he will talk you out of this.  God bless him.  If he ever loses all his teeth and I have to feed him breakfast, I will make him eat it (minus the crunch, of course) and remind him of all the meals that I had to eat that I didn’t like.

Ok.  There weren’t any meals I didn’t like, but the fact remains that this is good stuff!!!  Let me know what you think!

Here are just a few websites that AGREE with me, dad:  (be sure to read dad with drama)





We can’t ALL be wrong!!!  And be sure and check out their version of this breakfast.  They have purdy pictures…

kicked out….

We had a huge fight.  So I kicked him out to the curb.

Yes….DAIRY and I are over.  No more staying up all night, no more screaming.  It’s over.

 I’m going to try something new.  Something dangerous.  Something way different.

Oh, yeah….I’ve been fooling around.  Yesterday I acted like a nut.  I made almond nut milk, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

 and yeah, it was love at first…gulp.  Easy to make and lovely for the coffee…or that bowl of cereal….

So….it’s over.  Bye-bye dairy…..

  (Oh….I have a great sub for parmesan cheese too…it’s cheeeeesy)