just some of the coolest pics from 2012….

Don’t you just love those crazy pictures you find on the internet?  Do people walk, run, swim or fly with their camera ON?

Well, maybe I should!  Check these out!

seahorse-checking-out-divers-watch-and-own-reflection-underwaterPhotograph by Don McLeish


edge-of-the-world-beach-head-chalk-cliff-southern-england Photograph by RHYS DAVIES
snow-tunnel-near-mutnovsky-kamchatka-russia Photograph by Michael Zelensky
Buddhist monks chant at Pongour Falls, the largest waterfall in Dalat, Vietnam. Photograph by DANG NGO
6530942539_fb46437b6e_b Photograph by HORST KIECHLE

4947149269_27c97269c4_b Photograph by T.-C on Flickr
iguazu-falls-waterfall-island Photograph by Andrew Murray
multiple-exposure-airplane-take-off-hannover-airport-ho-yeol-ryu Photograph by HO-YEOL RYU
most-waterskiers-ever-pulled-behind-a-single-boat Photograph by MARK SEATON PHOTOGRAPHY
rainbow-surf-shot Photograph by ZAK NOYLE

wait…..do this before you vote!!

Let’s say a quick prayer for America!!!!!

Please give us a president that loves this country and everything it stands for.
Please give us a president who respects you as the one true God.
Please give us a president who will, with your help, restore this nation to its former glory, the way you created her.
Please help us to respect what you have given to us and not take anything for granted ever again.
Please God weaken the evil and strengthen the good both without and within.
May our eyes be opened.
In Jesus’ name,
Thank you……….now, carry on………

wanna burn some calories?

It’s almost a NEW YEAR!!!!  I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be one that is remembered for a loooong time!  I don’t know why, but I think it’s going to be a good one….(I’ll let you know when things change)…

So….what does this mean?  It means that it’s time to think about burning some calories!!  I have found some different………..yes, VERY different ways to burn 100 calories and shrink that muffin top!!!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1.  Twirl 123 times in your office chair

2.  Do 780 jumping jacks

3.  Slather on lip balm 765 times

4.  Swing a lasso over your head 375 times

5.  Play chopsticks on the piano incessantly for 41 minutes

6.  Shear 3 sheep….6 minutes per sheep

7.  Wiggle while you watch tv for 40 minutes; fidgeters can burn almost 350 calories than couch potatoes

8.  Polka for real for 23 minutes

9.  Indulge in  your inner dork and do 27 underwater handstands

10.  Let a Great Dane walk you for 13 minutes, at 5 mph

11.  Chew calorie free gum for 9 hours

12.  Lift and lower a soy sauce bottle 170 times with your right hand, and 170 times with your left hand

13.  Play Twister for an hour and 8 minutes

14.  Kick off your Sunday shoes and dance to the first four songs of the “Footloose” soundtrack

15.  Spend 53 minutes learning the French alphabet

See?  There are many, many ways to burn those calories!  But FIRST, ya gotta get off the couch!!!!


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get your glow on…

Glowing, healthy skin doesn’t just happen, but is the result of a healthy, balanced life and diet choices. You have also heard, ‘You are what you eat’,  which means that I have been a fat-laden, salt craving, sugar addictive gal over the years.  In fact, I believe that most of my health problems and complaints have been made by poor food choices that I made.  It’s taken quite a while, but I’ve finally realized that my relationship between food and health is very significant.  My diet has played a major role with migraines.  Eating “trigger” foods has sent me to the hospital on one or more occasions because of a full blown migraine from eating nuts or chocolate.

My point is this:  Our body we have now is the only one we’ve got and we need to learn to take care of it in a healthy way, through diet, exercise and removing common chemicals that are being used every single day.

Let’s start here…

1.  Drink plenty of clean filtered water, at least 6-8 glasses a day, though you might need more during hot weather and on days that you exercise.

2.  Include lots of fiber in your diet.  This will keep your intestinal tract regular and eliminate the waste products from your body.  Eeew.

3.  Make sure your diet contains plenty of antioxidants to slow down your aging.  Think fresh fruits and vegetables.

4.  Food combine!  Eat protein and carbohydrates at seperate meals and you might prevent unnecessary fermentation in the color, and increase nutrient absorption into the blood.

5.  Eat essential fatty acids (good fats) such as whole grains, seeds, nuts, soybeans, dark leafy green vegetables, cold pressed oils, and wild salmon.

6.  When you wake in the morning, start out with a glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon.  I struggle with this one, but MAKE myself do it.

7.  Avoid excessive amounts of caffeine or alcohol, which drain moisture from your body.

8.  Cut down on table salt.  Too much sodium leads to skin puffiness, and sweeling.  Try a salt-free substitute or fresh herbs.

9.  Reduce your intake of red meat, dairy, refined foods, fried foods and all products that contain hydrogenated oils or fats.

10.  Apply honey three times a week to your face and leave on for 30 minutes.  Rinse off with warm water and you will be amazed by how your skin is softer, younger and nourished!

For the new year, try to eat more “living foods” and less “dead foods“.  And yes, I know that the chicken is dead…. but I’m talking about foods that have been altered in every imaginable way to make them last as long as possible and be as addictive as possible.  Think….cakes and cookies and God forbid, the Twinkie!  There we have a considerable amount of sugar and man- made fats that involve taking various oils and heating them to dangerously high temperatures.  There are chemicals, preservatives, food additives and bleaching agents that place a HUGE strain on our liver, eventually being stored as fat.

Living foods, on the other hand, are fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, all existing in a raw or close to raw state.  Living foods look robust and alive.  They are what can be plucked, harvested and squeezed and they are the ones that will help your body arm itself against cancer, heart disease, degenerative diseases and obesity.

In the Old Testament, God gave the Israelites a choice.  In Deuteronomy 30:19, He said, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live.”  There it is!  A choice!  Living foods or dead foods?  I think I know which one I should do and am fully commited to making 2012 a year of better choices.


   OR ALIVE???    Make the healthy choice!



Yesterday, my friend, Rosie, posted a question on Facebook.  I was behooved…..I was befuddled….and other “b” words……  Thankfully, I came up with a VERY good answer….but first the question, “Who is your favorite 2012 presidential hopeful?”

After thinking about it for over a minute….I decided that Mighty Mouse would be our best bet…and here is why…(info from Wikipedia)

“As with other imitations of Superman, Mighty Mouse’s super powers allow him to fly and to be incredibly strong; in short, to be invulnerable. He has demonstrated the use of “X-ray vision” in at least one episode, while during several cartoons he used a form of telekinesis that allowed him to command inanimate objects and turn back time (as in the cartoons The Johnstown Flood and Krakatoa). Other cartoons have him leaving a red contrail during flight which he can manipulate like a band of solid flexible matter at will.

The initial formula consisted of an extended setup of a crisis which needs extraordinary help to resolve; Mighty Mouse appears to save the day.

The early operatic Mighty Mouse cartoons often portrayed Mighty Mouse as a ruthless fighter. He would dole out a considerable amount of punishment, subduing opponent cats to the point of giving up their evil plan and running away. Mighty Mouse would then chase down the escaping cats, and continue beating them mercilessly, usually hurling or punching them miles away to finish the fight. A favorite move is to suddenly fly up to just under a much larger opponent’s chin and throw a blinding flurry of punches that leaves the enemy reeling.”

Ok….let’s recap….

1.  He has a cape. (all super-heroes have capes)

2.  He has superpowers and is “invulnerable”  (we will need this with our Middle East neighbors)

3.  He has the power of X-ray vision AND telekenisis  (this could come in handy with terrorists)

4.  He is a ruthless fighter  (he just isn’t going to give up)

So……I think it’s obvious who the next President of the United States should be.  It’s a no-brainer….C’mon…..look at that face!!