do you know Irena Sendler? you should……

do you know Irena Sendler? you should…….

more of best pics in the world…of the world…

Let’s go!

securedownload The   Pearl Waterfall, Jiuzhaigou Valley, China 

securedownload Mount   Roraima,   Venezuela 

securedownload Boracay   Island,   Philippines 

securedownload The   Moses Bridge, Netherlands 

securedownload Petra,   Jordan 

securedownload Mountain   gondola rides, China 

securedownload Plitvice   Lakes National Park,   Croatia 

securedownload Plitvice   Lakes National Park,   Croatia (winter)

securedownload Poseidon   Undersea Resort, Fiji – $15,000 a week stay

securedownload Ubud   Hanging Gardens, Bali, Indonesia 

securedownload Monticello   Dam, Napa County, California, USA 

securedownload Gipslend   Lake,   Australia   – chemical reaction called bioluminescence turns the water fluorescent blue   

securedownload Sky   Walk, Tianmen Mountain, Chunan Province, China 

securedownload Meteora,   Greece

best pics in the world…of the world…

Travel too expensive? Enjoy these pictures from around the world!

securedownload The   Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancouver, British Columbia,   Canada

securedownload Hubei,   China 

securedownload Santorini, Greece 

securedownload Greece 

securedownload Benteng   Chittorgarh,   India 

securedownload Marble   Caves,   Chile 

securedownload Alesund,   Norway 

securedownload Skaftafeli, Iceland   – under side of a glacier

securedownload Palm   Island, Dubai, UAE – first ever man-made islands

securedownload Fifa   Stadium in Qatar

I’m exhausted….let’s travel again tomorrow.

and so it has begun….

Here is an interesting quote from  Nikita Khruschev back in 1959

First Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1953-1964. Certainly the most colorful Soviet leader, Khrushchev is best remembered for his dramatic, often times boorish gestures and “harebrained schemes” designed to attain maximum
propaganda effect, his enthusiastic belief that Communism would triumph over capitalism, and the fact that he was the only Soviet leader ever to be removed peacefully from office–a direct result of the post-Stalin thaw he had instigated in 1956.

Khrushchev honestly believed in the superiority of Communism, and felt that it was only a matter of time before it would destroy the Capitalist system once and for all.  He set bold (and ultimately unattainable) goals of “overtaking the West” in food production, initiating massive programs to put vast tracts of virgin lands in Kazakhstan and Siberia under the plow with the help of thousands
of urban Komsomol volunteers who brought little but their enthusiasm with them to the open steppes. Despite being hailed as an expert on agriculture, Khrushchev miscalculated when, after a trip to Iowa in 1959, he became a huge enthusiast of corn and decided to introduce it to his country, most of which has an unsuitable climate. On the industrial front, Khrushchev relaxed Stalin’s emphasis on military production somewhat, resulting in a wider array of consumer goods and an improved standard of living for ordinary Soviet citizens. (via)

sometimes you just gotta dance…

What do all these people have in common?  Dancing!! 

We all experience periods of happiness at some time or another and one method of displaying happiness is dancing.  Happiness and dancing transcend political boundaries and occur in practically every human society.  Matt Harding traveled through many nations on Earth, and filmed the result. His video is the latest in a series  of similar videos, is perhaps a dramatic example that people from all over our great planet  feel a common bond as neighbors.

Why can’t we all just get along DANCE???

Happiness is frequently contagious — few people are able to watch Matt’s video without smiling.  Enjoy!

love Rocky Point? need a job?

Hey, beach go-ers!  Most of us Arizonan‘s know all about Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco, Mexico) enjoying the surf and the sand.  But how about a job?  Know español or ingles?

Here’s the scoop:  You need a high school education and an engineering degree or a professional technical degree to get your zapato in the door…  Check out this Press Release that just hit the streets!

City Press Release. July 19, 2012

Through the investment of 100 million dollars and the creation of at least 400 jobs, over the next three years, the Aeromk II company – which builds jet planes for aerial combat training – is setting up shop in Puerto Peñasco, announced Mayor Alejandro Zepeda Munro. The Mayor mentioned there would be 67 million dollars within the first phase, and the hiring of 150 people to begin operations within the facilities of the “Sea of Cortez” International Airport.

“We see how in Sonora there is a push for the aerospace industry and in Peñasco we have been able to ensure the installation of this plant in our city, which as the City Government we, along with the Mayan Group, have provided all pathways to bring about the project,” explained Zepeda.

He highlighted this will be the only plant in Mexico since 1968 to build a plane as well as be the only Aerial Training Center in our country, which will be reflected in the level of skilled labor required. He mentioned that hiring has already begun, with a highschool degree as the minimum requirement, along with professional technical or engineering degrees related with metal-mechanics; in addition, a basic level of English is also needed. The lowest salaries will begin at 4 times the minimum wage.

It is believed the plant will take up 60,000 square meters and will be located at the airport, where applications and interviews are already being accepted and held. The Mayor expressed the Plant project is also being considered for a reality show with the History Channel, with respect to activities done as part of the Training Center. He also stated the coming arrival of other companies to serve as suppliers for Aeromk II, including Garmin and General Electric.

So wipe off that sunscreen and shake off the sand!  Let’s get a job!!

And……as always…….you’re welcome!

fireworks in CA…

We just got back from a COOL  (in more ways than one) vacay in lovely San Diego!  Yep, we were there for the big 15 second fireworks show!  We thought it was a great beginning….only to find out that it was  also the end!  Oh well…..

The temperature was unbearable in Arizona, and with the fourth of July being a holiday….and the fifth of July being a birthday… we loaded up a few of our favorite things…

And drove to Coronado Island!!!  All of our grown kids, and two grandkids got to share the weekend with us!  And I must tell you….the youngest is 27 and the oldest is 33 years……..and they are absolutely hysterical.  We spent the weekend laughing and enjoying the weather with most of it being around the pool!!

Hello, girls!!!! 

Later the girls wanted mama to take them to the water….to play their guitars, of course..


These are true soul surfers…..(just ask them)

So while the fireworks show was a BUST……..the weekend with the family was absolutely PRICELESS!!!!


Oh, it feels SOOO good to be back at the ranch!!  Cloudy and rainy…

Porch….check!  (only one little pot broken…GLUE-ABLE!)

Garage….check!  (but, yes, there is some grass torn up….FIXABLE)

Cute little red barn….check!  (haven’t been inside yet….it’s RAINING, people!)

Inside….check!  (could definitely use Pledge and a vaccuum….EASY PEASEY!)

BUT … Jimmy’s checklist?  Only includes one thing…and THAT is working!  TV!!

No heat today….but there is hot water, electric blankets and a huge fire.  I think we’ll survive.  At least until tomorrow!  (more pics coming!)

here we go, loopty loo….

Looks like Las Vegas is about to take a verrry big spin!!  Caesars Entertainment is dropping $550 million on a quarter mile of food, clubs and yep….the High Roller.

And please do not call it a ferris wheel.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is an observation wheel….that basically looks just like a ferris wheel…..sooo……

We’re talking 550 feet tall, and each “car” will hold 40 people, not like your average carnival wheel that holds two lovers and a third wheel (you know, your little sister that you said you’d watch so you could secretly make out with the cool guy).  Completion date is set for the end of 2013, and will be the tallest ferris wheel evah!!

Anywho….here’s some more scoop…

●The High Roller will carry an estimated 2,240 passengers an hour; 10 million annually.

●The observation wheel will weigh 6.6 million pounds.

●3-inch cables will hold the wheel in place.

●The cabins are being built in Colorado

According to Wikipidea:

The capsules will be mounted outside the rim of the wheel and individually turned by electric motors to keep the floor horizontal throughout each 30-minute rotation. Each capsule will weigh approximately 25 tons, have a diameter of 22 feet (6.7 m), and be equipped with eight flat-screen televisions and an iPod dock.

Obviously what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas because now Moscow has gotten on board and said (and I’m probably paraphrasing), “Oh yeah?  Well, we will build a 722 foot observation wheel, so…..в Вашем лице!”  (according to Google Translate, it says, “in your face!”)

So there you have it, you crazy gamblers.  Something bigger and better to do in Vegas, baby!!!