Bubbles and more bubbles…

imageSo today finds me flying to Houston to hinder  help my parents move into their new digs. Literally in the air as we speak…thank you in-flight wifi.

It won’t be a long post because I have a delightful breakfast on the way. (Surely they can’t screw up oatmeal, right?)

Anywho..here’s my dilemma. Actually, there are two.

First of all, I have to go to the bathroom but the gentleman in front of me has leeeeeeaned his chair back so far, I am about 1 inch from a suspicious mole on his scalp. Second, the woman sitting across the aisle has a Kindle.  The pickle I’m in is this…she has a clear protective cover on the front and it has many bubbles. Not only are there zillions of bubbles, but the top corner is also coming unstuck. It is daring me to lean out into the aisle and set it free.

I can’t stop looking at that corner…It’s practically waving and mocking me.  And yes, I’m the girl, who,  if invited to your house and has a teeny bit of wallpaper coming loose…….well, you know what I would do, and I apologize in advance.


So, I am going to try to wash down this oatmeal  and close my eyes.


Pray she doesn’t go to the bathroom, because that cover is mine…



6 thoughts on “Bubbles and more bubbles…

  1. debmich

    Oh Hon, can I relate. First, the good news – we’re on holiday in Europe; it is truly spectacular. Second, the bad news – the flight here was beyond dreadful. I kept wondering (my husband and I were miserably seated in the center 2 seats in a foursome) how we, the flying public, have managed to reduce flight travel to torture. If we were forced to sit for 10+ hours in a seat designed for a 7 year old (and we are not large people; I truly empathize with tall/large people), we would be outraged and calling for justice. Is it our own fault that we consumers will endure inhumane seating treatment for a cheaper ticket? Are we our own worst enemy? How on earth do we reverse the trend? Will we be soon choosing to stand for 10 hours instead of being shoe-horned into a stale, grimy seat to save $100? Is anyone else as exasperated as me?


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