go ahead…ash me one more time what today is….


This year, Ash Wednesday falls on March 5, 2014, which is 46 days prior to Easter.  It marks the beginning of 40-day liturgical period of prayer and fasting or abstinence. 

Since I was raised Southern Baptist, I never was able to take part in this practice.  But this year, my church, North Phoenix Baptist Church will be hosting a Ash Wednesday Service for several denominations here in the Phoenix area.  If you are close, I invite you to attend the service at 6:30pm.

In the meantime…

I have found a waaay better explanation HERE for Ash Wednesday, called “Ash Wednesday for Newbies“.  Check it out because being a newbie myself, I don’t want you to ash me any questions I can’t answer…….(did you see what I did there?)


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6 responses to “go ahead…ash me one more time what today is….

  1. We Baptists are missing out on some stuff…


  2. I’ll get the goods tonight………..and keep you in the loop


  3. Hi Sandi, Just for “small world” effect I will tell you that our family were members at North Phoenix Baptist for seven very good years in the early 2000’s. A great church!


    • Stop it! That’s so cool! Pastor Yeary isn’t there, we now have a new pastor. Last nights service was really great. Are y’all still in AZ?


      • I have heard. The new pastor is a Phx Sem grad. We are indeed still in central Phoenix. Btw, I ran into pastor Dan two weeks after his retirement. He was counseling a college-aged guy in a Starbucks. That was pretty encouraging.


  4. So glad you got to see him before he left for TX! I had the privilege of helping care for Melinda and was sorry to see them leave, but from what I hear, they are doing great (and super close to their kids!) I love your blog, and I am thankful for your wisdom with the scriptures! Have a FABULOUS day! 🙂


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