I’m nuts over this oil….

clayzmama says......

Coconut Oil!!!  Contrary to what you have heard in the past, the saturated fats found in coconut oil are actually good for you!  It’s also one of the earliest oils to be used as a food AND as a pharmaceutical.  Studies on people who live in tropical climates and who have a diet high in coconut oil show that they are healthier and have fewer incidences of heart disease, cancer, digestive complaints and prostate problems.

So why the bad rap, you say?  Well, since it is thought that ‘saturated fats’ are involved in heart disease, coconut oil has been considered a health risk.  However, studies are finding that the evidence is circumstantial and flawed.

For example, coconut oil has a long and highly respected reputation in many cultures throughout the world, not only as a valuable food but also as an effective medicine!

In India:  used in ayurvedic medicine

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