check your blood pressure HERE…

images  What’s normal?  Who’s normal? 

After a recent doctor’s appointment, where I was told I have normal-low blood pressure, I realized that I don’t really know what that meant.

So…..I decided to surf the web and find out what a healthy blood pressure should be….here’s what I found (via)


Or how about this chart? (via)

blood pressure chart

Make more sense?  It does to me!  Now I know where I should be….and where I shouldn’t be!   

You’re welcome!

5 thoughts on “check your blood pressure HERE…

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  3. Considering how wide spread this problem is, it is not surprising that there are many well researched
    nutritional and herbal medicines available. I keep
    banging on about it in a number of articles because in a great many ways (mine probably included if I am brutally honest), something can be done about and it may (note MAY,
    not DEFINITELY) have been avoidable. Once your reading goes over 140 systolic (top number), or 90 diastolic (bottom number),
    your risk of cardiovascular disease increase.


  4. Let’s go over some of the nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs) that can help you look beautiful even as you age. The key to this is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping a good watch on what you take in. If you can’t stomach buckwheat, try avocadoes and mushrooms


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