just when you think you are the bee’s knees……..

It’s official.  I’m old.

Owie…it happened overnight.  I took my sweet little grand-daughters to church, knelt down to pick up something and BAM!!!!!

Who knew that osteoarthritis would be at church!!  It was waiting for me at church!!!  What the heck?!!  I couldn’t stand back up without making a horrible looking face and an equally horrifying sound……it sounded like an exorcism was happening in the back of the gift shop.

It seems that arthritis is going to get most of us..sooner or later.  What is osteoarthritis?  It is the painful result of cartilage breakdown.

On Monday I hobbled to the doctor to get an x-ray and that is when he gave me the news.  Yep, I had stiffness, tenderness, warmth and swelling around my joints.  These knees were popping and cracking like a bag of popcorn in a microwave.

The doctor decided to have an x-ray made of my lower back also…..yes…..it’s there also.  Thanks for asking.

Now what?  Basically, if the joints are swollen, the doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatories such as Advil, Aleve or Motrin.  Heat for stiffness and cold packs for swelling.  He told me that unless the pain was very severe, I should keep moving.  I need to keep those joints lubricated.

Then I came across this….a new word that I had not heard or experienced.

KNINKLES….(knee wrinkles)  Turns out, most of us will get these too….(unless you do what I have done for years and use a “neck” wrinkle cream on your legs…Neck creams are much thicker and YES….I DON’T HAVE KNINKLES!!!  For more serious kninkles, check out Thermage or consider a ‘thigh’ tuck….or just wear pants.)

Here are a few “famous” Kninkles…….(via)

So….what’s my take on this new arthritic me??  Well…..I wouldn’t trade my smooth ‘old’ knees for ANY of these celebrity knees…..and my hubby?  Yep…he STILL thinks I’m the bee’s knees!!!!

10 thoughts on “just when you think you are the bee’s knees……..

  1. jeannetteduwe

    OK, I’ve heard of Osteoarthritis but never heard of Kninkles! I’m going to go buy stock in neck cream! 😉 Wish it were that easy of a fix for the arthritis…so sorry you are dealing with that. I hear it’s very painful!! 😦


    1. Right? Kninkles was new to me too!!!! Scary…..but StriVectin makes a “tightening” neck cream. Whether or not it works….I just like the word TIGHTEN!! Ha!! And yes, the arthritis isn’t fun, but hey! I know when it’s going to rain!!! See? 😀


  2. Rita Kothauer

    You need to start taking glucosamine chondriton asap. Started 10 years ago when my knees started creaking and hurting and with the exception of when I do a lot of stairs they have been great since!


  3. Yoga helped my beginning osteo problems. I don’t completely understand the connection, but all the aches and pains completely disappeared. It’s worth thinking about. And my husband takes the glucosamine and chondroitin and it has made a difference. And I haven’t inspected my knees…now I’m almost afraid to do so. If these Hollywood babes don’t look any better than that, I’m probably frightful! Feel better!!!


    1. Thanks, Debra!! I read somewhere that yoga may help so I’m going to find a ‘beginner’ class….stretching sounds wonderful! I was given some medication, but would rather try something else first. I am taking supplements and I dont mind taking those….but it seems that everyday is different when it comes to pain. Thanks for the great suggestions!!!! 🙂


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