oh, go take a hike…so we did….

What a glorious day!!!  A perfect day for a perfect hike!

Jimmy and I decided to go for a quick ride…which turned into a hike, back into the Caribou National Forest.

It was so beautiful back there, that we got out of the ‘gator’ and decided to walk.  I picked up my camera and Jimmy picked up his……well…..

Yeah…it was a perfect spot for a phone call………..sigh….

Oh well!  There was soo much to be discovered!  Trees that would make a perfect fort…

The moss on the trees was gorgeous and green…

It kinda gave the forest a creepy feel to it….but the sky was blue so we kept going!

We found a little stream, with just enough water to be ice!  It was only in the 40’s when we set out, so it was pretty cold!

Then I was so excited to see a little chipmunk!  He was so cute and let me take some pictures of him eating…

And this next picture is of him with 2 seconds left….

before the biggest owl EVER swooped down and snatched him up!!!!  IT WAS 2 FEET AWAY FROM MY HAIR!!!  

I was so startled that I fell over backwards and wasn’t able to snap a pic of that brute….It was his last supper.  (side note:  Jimmy thought this was the most hysterical thing he had ever seen….naturally)

So, thus ends the beautiful day in the forest.  Turns out, you CAN see the forest for the trees!!

5 thoughts on “oh, go take a hike…so we did….

  1. Aww… thanks for the vicarious trek through the forest, Sandi! The ending wasn’t as happy as I would have written it, but real life doesn’t always go according to Hoyle, huh?! Bad ol’ owl (I know he was just doing what he knows to do, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it!). Beautiful pics too!


      1. Marisa

        Sandi, I’m sure it was very pretty! Personally, I wouldn’t trade the warmth & sunshine of the deser (LOVE it)… I was born in Northern MN and raised in the Midwest… I’ve had my fill of cold, dreary winters :/ So glad you had a nice trip!


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