Bathing with the Gaithers, and other blessings…

Oh….stop it.  There wasn’t enough room IN the tub for all of us, so I just listened to them sing on my iPad, while I enjoyed my detox bath. (where is your mind, people?)

Yes, my morning was lovely.  I am so blessed.  I have a husband that works so very hard, so I don’t have to  (insert prayer request for him HERE)

So here is a little snippet of my perfect morning …..  It started around 6 ish, (why start earlier, hmm?)  I kissed my sweetie and shoo’ed him out the door,  grabbed my bible along with my notebook for some much needed quiet time.

I’m studying (for the 2nd time) Kelly Minter’s Lifeway study called, No Other God’s.  Have you seen it?  You can find it here and I HIGHLY recommend it!   I know that idol worship may seem like something from the Old Testament, but anything that takes a higher priority over God (read: job, hobby, Facebook, cell phone..eeek!) is considered an idol.  It is eye opening and you really should get this book.

So, back to the day.  I did my study for the day, had my prayer time and then decided it was time for a Juice!  I went in the garage to get Jack LaLanne…..ok, not the REAL Jack, but his fabulous juicer.  Easy to use and easy to clean!

Carrots, celery, apple and ginger……yummmmy.  Thankfully, when I get my produce home, I immediately grate, separate, chop and bag everything, and this makes it super easy to make a juice!

If I were really smart, I would place the apple, carrots, celery and piece of ginger into it’s own ziploc and label CARROT JUICE.  That’s what I would do if I were really smart……. (insert sound of crickets here)…………..maybe next time.

Once I had my sweet juice, I decided it would be a good time for my detox bath.  I grabbed my Epsom Salts, baking soda, grated ginger and The Gaithers, and headed for the bathroom.  I grew up with southern gospel music and enjoy it so much!  It’s right up there on the list of sweet tea and big hair!  It’s the perfect storm!!!

While the Gaithers were singing, I was relaxing and thanking God for my perfect morning.  He is so good and I am so very blessed!  What a great time and a privilege to thank Him for all my blessings!  This is my meditation!  I don’t need to ommmm…in a yoga class, I can speak directly to the creator of the universe!!  How powerful is that?

Never get so busy that you forget to spend time in His Word and in prayer.  You are denying yourself  the blessing of hearing His voice and feeling His presence.  He has provided everything you need for freedom of burdens, so  STOP.  LOOK. LISTEN.

And have the perfect beginning to a perfect day!!!

5 thoughts on “Bathing with the Gaithers, and other blessings…

  1. Ok, I’m relieved to learn that you didn’t actually BATHE with the Gaithers. Because… with YOU… you can never be sure.

    What a glorious morning! It was especially glorious because there was no RUNNING involved. But seriously, you are a truly grateful person, regardless of your circumstances. So when a relaxing morning comes your way, you are especially grateful 🙂

    You DO realize that we haven’t seen each other in OVER a year… somebody needs to fix that.


  2. Aww… what an awesome morning… I think I’ll enjoy it vicariously through you this morning since I’m heading off to teach little ones soon. Before we moved to Nevada, we lived down the street from the Gaithers. We often went to their studio/gift/cafe just to take in every glorious sound and sip a latte (a precious moment it was). I juice every day too and your sweet carrot juice is a MUST try… I’m adding celery and ginger to my grocery list even as I’m typing this to you 😀 So glad Susan introduced me to you!


    1. I am thanking Susan too!! How cool to be close by the Gaithers!! They are so talented and I know that was a blessing for you!!! Try the new combo’s to the juice….its deee-licious!! Have a fabulous day!!!! 🙂

      Sandi Nieto


      1. Btw… I tried the new combos to my juice and they are now my favorite combo (LOVE the ginger flavor and the health benefits to boot) Have an “gingerly” sweet weekend, my friend 😀


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