Sooo….what’s in YOUR bath?

It’s the end of a long day…you have been pulled in every direction and you need to unwind….

From bubble baths to fizzy bath balls to Dead Sea salts, prepared bath products are designed to enhance a bathing experience, but they can be very expensive.

Here are five types of essential oils that can be used in a healing bath to cleanse and soften anyone’s mood.


Lavender relaxes the muscles and calms and soothes the nervous system.  Any time you are under stress or on the edge of anger or fear, take a levender bath to bring you back into balance.  It cools hot skin conditions, such as inflamed capillaries and rashes and relaxes and moistens dry skin.  Perfect for an evening bath.


Lemon oil refreshes and restores us when we are physically exhausted.  Used as a healing tonic in virtually every culture, freshly squeezed lemon or it’s essential oil, refreshes and tones the skin and giving it a youthful glow.  Ideal for spring and summer.


Rosemary promotes circulation.  It warms, rejuvenates and relaxes the body.  Great if you have chronically cold hands or feet that you just can’t get warm.  Rosemary strengthens and warms the spirit.  This is an excellent bath for fall and winter.


Sage has a very high content of antioxidants. As a result it builds the body strong enough to fight against cancer and also prevents the body from getting damaged by oxidation. Sage oil is used to cure all different kinds of skin infections and diseases.  Calming and great for an evening bath.


Spruce Essential Oil has been used traditionally for infections and for supporting the immune system. It also very good for arthritis, rheumatic, sciatica and lower back pain.  It soothes and opens the lungs and will restore us back to health when we feel emotionally exhausted or burned out.  And ideal bath for late winter and early spring or whenever your lungs or sinuses are congested.

9 thoughts on “Sooo….what’s in YOUR bath?

  1. nckristib

    Mine mostly have been with epsom salts per my massage therapists recommendation. The essential oils sound delightful. Silly question…will those scents be natural? (Candles and other scented items make me feel ill.) I would love to be able to use them!!! Where do you buy them?

    Hugs to you, sweet Sandi!!


    1. Thanks, Kristi! Mountain Rose Herbs (online) carries a lot of essential oils and so does Whole Foods…you can probably find them on Amazon too, but I haven’t checked that out yet. I have a problem with scented candles too, because of migraines. Perfume can knock me down for a full day too!! I think you should try a small amount first…I’d hate to see you not be able to enjoy the bath!! Let me know if you try!!!!:)


  2. jeannetteduwe

    Wonderful! I now have a few new baths to try! I wonder if I were to just go get a bunch of rosemary sprigs from my garden and float them in the hot water if that would work!? 😉
    My fave detox bath is a cocktail of lavender essential oil, epsom salt (1 pound, I think), dead sea salts (1-2 cups if I recall) and baking soda (small box). Get the water as hot as you can stand it and soak for 20 minutes. Be careful getting up out of that tub though! 🙂


    1. I don’t know if just the sprigs would have the same effect…….unless, of course, you dropped in a bushel… 🙂 Your fave bath is mine too…except I add some ginger for an extra zip! Thanks for stopping by today!! 🙂


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