this award is so bright…I gotta wear shades….

  Thank you so very much to Hot Rod Cowgirl for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!  Definitely check out her blog because this is one lady that knows her way around a camera….a horse stall….and a suped up hot rod!!!  I also love that she lived in Wyoming (that’s where MY ranch lives…..minus the horses!)  Thanks again!!

The rules in accepting this wonderful award are….

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.

2. List seven random things about yourself.

3. Nominate 10 other blogs that you admire and enjoy.

4. Notify the nominees.

5. Display the award logo on your blog.

Oh dear… more secrets!!  I’m running out of secret things so I’m just going to give my social security number and all my pin numbers to my accounts…………..(settle down, just kidding)

1.  I mostly played with cars when I was little, but if I played with dolls…I chose the ugly ones.

2.  I love making my own green drinks and almond milk.

3.  My bucket list includes seeing the Redwood Forest.

4.  I don’t remember my teacher’s names, but I remember the tennis shoes I had in 3rd grade.  PF Flyers….striped.

5.  The ocean freaks me out and I will scream the same, whether it’s a jellyfish or seaweed.

6.  I have been to Israel….twice.

7.  I was in the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium, with 45,000 people, and was smacked by the ball…..and no one tried to catch it….we were in the expensive seats, where everyone ducks.

So there you have it…….more silly secrets about sandi. 

NOW….let’s talk about MY favorite blogs!!! (a beautiful, godly woman and fantastic teacher of the Bible.  You will love her wit!!!) (my new friend, that I have yet to meet, but I can tell you that if we ever had a slumber party, I would keep her awake and make her laugh….all night long!)  (same friend as my first pick, but a FANTASTIC blog for those newbie bloggers!) (great post for those who need some “healthy” prodding in the kitchen!) (another healthy blog that includes eating right, exercise and even sports nutrition for kids!) (not a blog, but a great website for those of us (me) over the young age of 50!) (started by pastor’s wives in Dubai,with bloggers all over the world contributing!) (you are going to love this blog….fantastic homemade health, beauty and food recipes! Ck it out!) (here is an unbelievable artist that is about to get crazy popular! Check out his spray-paint art!  You will love it!!)

Hope you like all the suggestions and please, check out these favorites of mine!  You’ll be glad you did!!



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5 responses to “this award is so bright…I gotta wear shades….

  1. I’m honored to be nominated TWICE! Ok, I’m going to have to figure out where to schedule this. btw I think it’s worth a mention that your 2 trips to Israel were with ME, and the score so far —
    Sandi & Susan – 2
    Tour Guides & random middle easterners – 0
    GRAZI, Bella!!


  2. Congrats and I love your blog….what part of WY. is your ranch? I grew up here forever with family heritage and all….but Wyoming took my heart….truly beautiful and truly God like….it was Heaven’s Glory everyday where we lived and most days all I could do was try to not stand there with my mouth hanging open looking at God’s glory all around me:) I often talk of the memories of wyoming and write often about our time there…I will never forget it:)


    • Hi!! We are in Star Valley and its GORGEOUS! I know what you mean about it taking your breath away, that is what happened to us when we came to visit… Then bought land before the wknd was over!! If you were still here I’d “mosey” over…;)

      Sandi Nieto


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