Honey, ever notice how that male bee drones on about himself?

Well here’s a honey of a subject!! 

I’m just buzzing about this!!  But beeeefore we get all sticky with honey, let’s talk for a minute about the BEE.

Bees are hard workers.  Their motto is ‘work or die’……I wouldn’t know anything about that .. although I do work hard to get out of work….But these little creatures work very hard in the spring, summer and fall and then take a little vacay in the winter. (I LOVE vacay’s!!!)

In particular, honey bees have been around longer than humans.  Did you know that only the females have a sting?  Kinda makes sense doesn’t it?  I’ve been known to throw a few stingers in a fit of rage……

Nutritionally, natural honey contains about 75-80% sugar and the rest is a mixture of water, minerals and enzymes.  One teaspoon is about 15 calories and is high in energy.  But it can do sooo much more!

  • Honey can exfoliate, soften and make your skin and hair look softer
  • Use dark honey for a more healthful recipe and reap the benefits of it’s antioxidants
  • In addition to medicinal properties, honey is supposed to be a good thirst quencher
  • Two tablespoons of honey and three teaspoons of cinnamon mixed in water reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood by 10% within 2 hours
  • Honey is also used as a laxative, but I don’t know  all the poop on that fact
  • Honey with hot water and a slice of lemon is a great way to kick start your day, and better than caffeine

More bee facts

  • Bees fly 55,000 miles to make a pound of honey, which is equivalent of one and a half times around the world!
  • To make a pound of beeswax a bee needs 6 lbs of honey
  • The average hive produces 25lbs of honey per year and one good hive can produce 60lbs in a good season.
  • The honey bee is a gentle insect, but if provoked it can sting both humans and pets
  • 80% of insect crop pollination is done by our hardworking honey bees
  • The almond crop, especially in California, relies on honey bee pollination.


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