oh no…you’re DOING it wrong…

Who doesn’t love a newborn baby?  Yes, it’s true, they ARE sweet and smell good….however; do you know how to handle a baby?

I didn’t think so.

Thankfully the internet has provided us with some practical tips.  Please take note.

This WILL be on the test.

(via Pinterest and icanhasinternets.com)



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2 responses to “oh no…you’re DOING it wrong…

  1. You’ve given me a great chuckle…and I had to tell you. I finally saw footage of the big fireworks debacle! I can’t imagine what ran through your mind! I’m amazed no one was hurt! Wow! Debra


    • Yes we were glad no one was hurt during the show! Of course we didn’t know what was going on. And yes, this post had me laughing too! Especially making baby ‘smile’!!


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