fireworks in CA…

We just got back from a COOL  (in more ways than one) vacay in lovely San Diego!  Yep, we were there for the big 15 second fireworks show!  We thought it was a great beginning….only to find out that it was  also the end!  Oh well…..

The temperature was unbearable in Arizona, and with the fourth of July being a holiday….and the fifth of July being a birthday… we loaded up a few of our favorite things…

And drove to Coronado Island!!!  All of our grown kids, and two grandkids got to share the weekend with us!  And I must tell you….the youngest is 27 and the oldest is 33 years……..and they are absolutely hysterical.  We spent the weekend laughing and enjoying the weather with most of it being around the pool!!

Hello, girls!!!! 

Later the girls wanted mama to take them to the water….to play their guitars, of course..


These are true soul surfers…..(just ask them)

So while the fireworks show was a BUST……..the weekend with the family was absolutely PRICELESS!!!!

4 thoughts on “fireworks in CA…

  1. Coronado is wonderful, and I know you enjoyed the climate! I’m so sorry about the fireworks, though. That was the strangest thing…I thought of all the people who had to be disappointed, never dreaming I’d hear from anyone who had been there! Glad you had such a wonderful time with your family, though. The kiddos are adorable! Debra


    1. Thanks, Debra! Yes, those little grandbabies are super adorable and we all had such a good time! The fireworks show was super creepy….it sounded crazy going off all at once! You expect it at the end of a show, but the beginning had us a bit freaked out. We just stood there and finally said….”Well, girls….let’s go to bed!” Ha!!


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