Spending time with our friends is one of the greatest joys we can have in our life.  Our friends can be our pillars of strength and can support us when we need comfort, cry with us when we need a shoulder  and laugh with us when we feel happy.

A beautiful and fragile relationship, here are some pictures of true friends….makes you feel…….well, let’s just look at how we enjoy each other’s company………

Let’s grab a cup of coffee, friend!

Hey, let’s meet for dinner, friend!

Hey, friend!  Wanna go to the museum?

Let’s talk over lunch, friend!

Who wants to spend time together at the beach?

I like you, let’s go on a date

Oh, our  friendship is so important. Maybe you could call me and we could talk about our close relationship….or I guess you could text me….. Let’s try to re-connect  real soon……

5 thoughts on “ahh….friends…

  1. And friends pass along fabulous recipes, like your super fabulous coffee cream WHICH I am making today! Woohooo can’t WAIT!

    Although I’m a little scared to try PW’s cold coffee. It wouldn’t be long before I would need a 12-step program, especially once I got started with the Vietnamese version.


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