the loooong week…

Sorry you haven’t heard from me in a bit, but I had to fly out to Arkansas on Tuesday because my father had been rushed to the ER.

I had received a call from my sister (holla!) and she explained that our dad was very sick and had a seizure IN the emergency room  and his heart rate was dropping. Remembering he had a quintuple bypass previously, we were all pretty scared.

So, within two hours, I had boarded a plane and was going to meet my sis in Dallas, then off to Arkansas we would go!!

Now, if you know me, I have a horrible sense of direction and get lost quite easily. Its a sad little detail that comes up daily.  My mom used to say, “If Sandi pulls out of the driveway backwards, she’ll be lost!”…..wise woman, she is…

Once I arrived at DFW, I learned that I had to transfer to a different terminal, via a freaking train.  Please.  And knowing how directionally challenged I am, AND the fact that I only had 30 minutes to screw up,  certainly did not help.

My sister was waiting for me at the gate (who, by the way, fell in October and broke her pelvic bone in 3 places, and her wrist in about a zillion places) and she is standing with 2 bags as I hurry, in skirt and heels,  to get to her.

“Where are  your bags?”, she asked. I panicked and stood frozen for a moment, “Oh, I checked them” I said, innocently.

If only you could have seen the look on her face…………It seems that I hadtold her, “Let’s carry on our bags”, when I obviously meant, “Let’s check our bags.”  So here she is with two bags and I am with none….and quite comfortable, I might add.  Did I mention her cast on her arm?

Next we find out that I don’t have a seat assignment on the plane, however Cheri has seat one.  In the front.  Best seat in the house.  I take our tickets up to the angry woman behind the desk and she assigns us two seats together… the last row…..where the seats don’t recline…..and where your elbow touches the bathroom behind you.  (hmm….there’s that look  again)

I informed her that she should be happy that we are sitting together since she loves me so and we haven’t seen each other in about a year.  Again the look.

Anywho…..we got to the airport in Arkansas around 10:30, grabbed  an overpriced rental car and rushed over to the hospital.  Dad was finally in a room and tests were being run, temperature taken, charts were flying………(actually he was resting, but that sounded better).

Bottom line?  Tick bites!  Can you believe it?  So, short story really long, he stayed in the hospital for five days, we flew him back to Houston and after making sure everyone was well, I am back home in AZ.  (I don’t want to go into too much detail about his stay in the hospital and I know he doesn’t want me talking about him, but I love him soooo much and am grateful to all my friends for all the prayers!)

Mercy!  No, really…Mercy Hospital.  Right across from a mall.  It was delightful!!!  (the mall, not so much the hospital)

But here’s the funny scary part.  Once we were at the airport to fly home, my sister found a tick on her stomach!!!  Yikes!!!  They are everywhere!!!  So after a good thirty minutes of screaming, high voices and my laughter  concern, she has been feeling okay.

So, it’s been a full week of no blog time and lots of hospital time.  I’m happy to say that my dad is feeling better and I am home in my own bed…….

7 thoughts on “the loooong week…

  1. Hurray, you’re HOME! And I’m glad your dad made it back to Houston, and I hope he is improving every day! Btw – why were they in Arkansas? Do I want to KNOW that??

    Loved the story, however…

    I was waiting for the part where your bags didn’t make it because your connection was too tight. That meant Cheri had to go to the airport and pick them up because she was the one who thought ahead and reserved the rental car (being the BIG SIS and being RESPONSIBLE, and all ‘at — btw, I think I now know why you love me so much…)

    Anyhoo, you COULDN’T drive the rental car ’cause your name wasn’t on the contract, and you’re a “play by the rules (when they benefit you)” kinda gal. So poor Cheri — still banged up from her fall, tired from hauling her bags, and suffocating because she got stuck sitting outside the lavatory (why do airlines call them that, anyway?) — had to go to the airport, park in short-term, schlep in and argue with “Crabby Christina” at the Delta desk.

    After FINALLY identifying your luggage, poor big sis had to roll it out to the car and heft it up into the undersized trunk. When it wouldn’t fit because, AS USUAL, you overpacked (something like TEN extra shirts – does that ring a bell??), she had to wrestle them into the back seat and then deliver them to you.

    In your hotel room.
    Relaxing in the jacuzzi tub.
    With cucumber-covered eyelids.

    As Paul Harvey used to say, “And THAT’S the REST of the story…” 😉


  2. Oh my goodness! I’m certainly sorry for your dad being ill in the first place, and then all that goes with traveling to see him. I am directionally challenged and don’t like to fly…so I feel real stress with your concerns…and of course ticks kind of freak me out, too! Poor you! I’m glad things ended well…and hope they stay that way, Sandi! Debra


  3. Cheri

    So dear Susan……HERE is the rest of the story…

    After arriving at DFW airport and B23 was our gate, Sandi decides (15 minutes prior to boarding) that she will see if we can get seats together. Thankfully, she did this because our gate had been changed to B13. We had to take a train to another part of the terminal and once there the sign said “B10 to B15”. Sandi, convinced we were going the wrong way, basically made me “prove” (counting on my fingers) that B13 fell between B10 and B15. Since she gave up my primo seat 1A…we are sitting across the aisle from each other … on the very last row… with the bathroom between us. Now, we are making fun of people that are going to the bathroom while the plane is still at the gate, wondering why they just didn’t use the bathroom in the airport? Cleaner, larger, no smell and definitely not having 2 people right outside the door making fun of them. But what happens? Sandi decides that SHE should go ahead and go to the bathroom while we are still sitting still!!! And….she came out gagging, like I’m supposed to be surprised at that.

    Basically, the trip escalated from there. Many, many laughs….such as the night we got in, we are all alone driving the rental car on this dark 2 lane road going to the hospital…and Sandi wants me to pull over so she can take a picture of the moon. OR…we check into our hotel, which is a suite and as we enter, she says “Oh look, a pull out couch….you can have that and I will take the two queen beds in here.”

    Bottom line….Jimmy told me I was in charge of her. I don’t know which was more stressful, Dad in the hospital or being in charge of Sandi. Many more stories could be told….but I think you KNOW how the story ends….ya gotta love her ♥


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