How do YOU see God?

I think everyone has a certain view of our God in Heaven.  I also believe that our concept of God determines how  we relate to Him.  When I was a child, my parents took us to Washington to see the sights.  I remember looking at the Lincoln Memorial and thinking of God.  I imagined him sitting in a big white chair and at any moment He was going to stand up, and He was not happy.

As a small child, I saw God as distant and impersonal, but as I grew in my faith, I discovered that  He is real and He loves us even when we mess up.  My childish fear turned into an attitude of respect that helped motivate me to be obedient.

God speaks to us in so many ways, we just have to have a quiet heart and a willing spirit.  One way He can speak to you is through the Bible, but He can also call out to us through the words of other believers.  His message can be specific and individualized for every person!  You can take a group of christians, ask them about certain verses and each can come away with a different application of the same message!  He will communicate specific ideas to you, but you need to set aside a time to be quiet and listen to His words.

Remember….when our lives are filled with the craziness of this world, you can’t hear His quiet voice.  How are you responding to Him?  One day we will all stand before Him and give an account of our lives.  Stop and listen to Him and you will be richly rewarded.

5 thoughts on “How do YOU see God?

  1. For me I see him after which something happens. I believe there is no such thing as coincidences, as i look back at a hard time i often see where his hand has helped put things into perspective or just exactly where certain things needed to be. I suppose if i was to imagine him and what i would see, it would simply be a gentle man, one who is filled with grace and enough love to surround every child of his, on this earth and those who have passed. I sure would love to know what his laugh sounds like 🙂


  2. Darlene

    God is the center of my universe and I want to sit and talk with him about some things.not that i cant already but it would be awsome to just relax with jesus and just hang out and get his perspective on some things.


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