Ok, I adore beauty products, and LOVED this post putting ME in the know!! Check it out, girlfriends! You may be surprised!!

The Beauty Journal

—–Updated on March 15th, 2010. Many thanks to Poppy for the info on YSL

So today I was talking with a friend online, and she asked me a really good question: In the cosmetic industry, who owns whom? I remember talking briefly about the major cosmetic groups in My Beauty Philiospohy post: Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Beiersdorf, Unliver, and Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennessy (LVMH). Let me list out all the major cosmetic brands you are familiar with in the market, and give you a general idea which parent companies they belong to.

  • Estée Lauder owns: Aramis, Aveda, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, M.A.C, Origins, Jo Malone, La Mer, Tommy Hilfiger fragrances, Bumble + bumble, American Beauty, Flirt, Good Skin, Grassroots, Michael Kors Beauty, Darphin, Ojon, and Donna Karan Cosmetics.
  • L’Oreal owns: Maybelline New York, Garnier, Lancôme, Helena Rubinstein, BioMedic, Vichy, Biotherm, Shu Uemura, Kiehl’s, Soft Sheen-Carson, Redken…

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  1. That’s good to know. Years ago I discovered that Lancome and L’Oreal were owned by the same company. That was the last time I bought makeup at a department store.

    You are a WEALTH of info — keep it coming!
    btw I’m still slathering myself in coconut oil


    • Me too (in regards to coconut oil!) I have also used a combo of castor oil and jojoba oil to WASH my face!! This is great for my oily skin, and it sounds like it would make it oilier….but it doesn’t! It makes it super soft!!! Blessings!

      sandi nieto



  2. Tracee Kliebert

    jojoba oil is one of the most beneficial oil for the skin. It is a great moisturizer. –

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  3. Hyman Barrett

    nrefined jojoba oil appears as a clear golden liquid at room temperature with a slightly nutty odor. Refined jojoba oil is colorless and odorless. The melting point of jojoba oil is approximately 10°C[2] and the iodine value is approximately 80.[3] Jojoba oil is relatively shelf-stable when compared with other vegetable oils mainly because it does not contain triglycerides, unlike most other vegetable oils such as grape seed oil and coconut oil.*

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