why men die first….

You wondered, didn’t you?

I believe these pictures will answer a lot of questions………and possibly pose new ones… (and the last one has to be my favorite..)



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12 responses to “why men die first….

  1. JadenLiving



  2. Ok, now I’m nauseous. UGH what are they thinking?? And that kid hugging the A/C unit? I don’t want to know what that’s all about.


  3. I want to know where their nagging wives and girlfriends are…don’t they know they’re responsible to keep the men alive? I know that my nagging is frequently unleashed when my husband does what I call the “stupid human tricks.” How is it that they take such chances…and your title says it all!! Debra


  4. I don’t see anything wrong with any of the pics, LOL


  5. Sasha Lubetkin

    There is a theory that, in Mother Nature’s eyes, men are expendable once they’ve fathered children. Perhaps this accounts for their being prone to take such lunatic risks. Either that, or they believe they’re immortal..


  6. RbSalleh 1

    Men always wanted to prove that they are indispensable. They love doing risky things.


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