more thoughts from Jimmy…

I don’t know if you remember from a previous post (Jimmy got a thought), but when Jimmy is thinking…things start to happen.

Well, it happened.  Seems that Jimmy got another thought and this required the services of Nate and the Knuckleheads.  (Remember the Knuckleheads?)  They do great work and I enjoy peering out the window to watch.  (once again, it is my job to stay out of the way and stop distracting the workers).

So….here come some trees.  Yes, I know what you are thinking…..Who buys dead trees?  

Well, they aren’t dead…..I think they are just…sleeping.

They are really good at sleeping,  aren’t they?  Hmm…..

Ok.  Not to worry.  We have the best team of Knuckleheads working out here.  And remember the driveway?

Oh please, people!  That driveway is sooo last year.  The rock is going….grass will grow to the edge and in the middle.  No more rock.  Plus 14 new trees, updated flower beds and more grass.

So this morning begins the work.  There is shoveling, mulching, digging, tree planting and other dirty stuff.  I’m going to be busy staying out of the way……..again.

Get to work, Knuckleheads!!



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2 responses to “more thoughts from Jimmy…

  1. Holy schmoley, Jimmy is a real git ‘r done dude. The Gov & I wish he’d take over our landscaping renovation.


  2. Every time I see this title I laugh. The scariest 3 words in my house are “I’ve been thinking…”
    Yikes – RUN!!


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