fire on the mountain, run boy run….

Thank you, Charlie Daniels, (thanks, Susan) for getting that song stuck in my head…..But YES!  There was fire!  I was a little skeeered at first…

Who knew it was an ‘on purpose’ fire?  This is how you get rid of weeds around here.  You just light ’em up.  I even caught the guy in action….

So my ‘insider’ information about the fire is that you use gasoline and compressed air.  Hmm…..I would have used fingernail polish remover and a Zippo…..but, hey, that’s me.

I got a little nervous when I saw it getting really smokey, but acted ‘local’, like it was no big deal…(local not loco)

Once that issue was under control, I realized I had a BIGGER problem…..

It was down there…

The trap door in the laundry room….to the crawl space under the house.

Never have been down there…never will.  

Since it is still in the upper 20’s in the evening, we need heat.  I can’t drag this electric blanket around the house because the cord is getting hung up on the furniture.

Soooo….we called in the professionals.  Professionals drive trucks.

Turns out…we have a mice infestation inside the furnace.  Who lives in a furnace?  Evidently, mice.  Here is where they come to gather..

Yep….see that white vent pipe thingy?  And see all the poop under the white vent pipe thingy?  That’s where they checked in … yet couldn’t check out.  They got stuck and lived in their own poop for a very long time.

Now that we are back in the spring, it is time to turn on the heat.

Nothing.  Nada.  Those little guys plugged us up, and we needed professional unplugging.  But not like the professional unplugging you get with a colonic.  Although, it did involve a hose and high water pressure….sooo……hmm.

Anywho…..the professional began his work and when I saw what was being brought up from the crawl space….I immediately felt the need to wash my hands…..and his hands….He brought up over 16 buckets full of mice,  poo and strangely enough….feathers.  How a bird got caught…..oh, nevermind.  I just can’t understand.

I helped, ever so slightly, by squirting water into the white vent pipe thingy, but when the water came back OUT  of the pipe and splashed on my arm and hand….I pretty much said, “I’m out.”

My skin is raw from the frequent washings after that little incident.  So….tomorow is a new day.  Hopefully one minus rodents.  I’m still unsure why God made mosquitos and mice.  This is something that I will be sure to ask….

Maranatha!  (which means, Lord come quickly!)

5 thoughts on “fire on the mountain, run boy run….

  1. Ok, I’m OUT when it comes to reptiles or rodents. O-U-T.

    And since I’m your bestest Southern country-music-lovin’ friend, I have to set the record straight:
    The lyric “fire on the mountain” is from the song Devil Went Down To Georgia by Charlie Daniels. Although I can see how you might confuse him with Hank Jr, what with the bushy beards, cowboy hats, rowdy redneck friends and all… 😉


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