Oh, it feels SOOO good to be back at the ranch!!  Cloudy and rainy…

Porch….check!  (only one little pot broken…GLUE-ABLE!)

Garage….check!  (but, yes, there is some grass torn up….FIXABLE)

Cute little red barn….check!  (haven’t been inside yet….it’s RAINING, people!)

Inside….check!  (could definitely use Pledge and a vaccuum….EASY PEASEY!)

BUT … Jimmy’s checklist?  Only includes one thing…and THAT is working!  TV!!

No heat today….but there is hot water, electric blankets and a huge fire.  I think we’ll survive.  At least until tomorrow!  (more pics coming!)

8 thoughts on “aahhh…

    1. As it turns out….there is NO ONE here from the East Coast!! Weird, huh? Can’t wait to get out and explore today…wish you were here w/me!!!!

      sandi nieto



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