here we go, loopty loo….

Looks like Las Vegas is about to take a verrry big spin!!  Caesars Entertainment is dropping $550 million on a quarter mile of food, clubs and yep….the High Roller.

And please do not call it a ferris wheel.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is an observation wheel….that basically looks just like a ferris wheel…..sooo……

We’re talking 550 feet tall, and each “car” will hold 40 people, not like your average carnival wheel that holds two lovers and a third wheel (you know, your little sister that you said you’d watch so you could secretly make out with the cool guy).  Completion date is set for the end of 2013, and will be the tallest ferris wheel evah!!

Anywho….here’s some more scoop…

●The High Roller will carry an estimated 2,240 passengers an hour; 10 million annually.

●The observation wheel will weigh 6.6 million pounds.

●3-inch cables will hold the wheel in place.

●The cabins are being built in Colorado

According to Wikipidea:

The capsules will be mounted outside the rim of the wheel and individually turned by electric motors to keep the floor horizontal throughout each 30-minute rotation. Each capsule will weigh approximately 25 tons, have a diameter of 22 feet (6.7 m), and be equipped with eight flat-screen televisions and an iPod dock.

Obviously what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas because now Moscow has gotten on board and said (and I’m probably paraphrasing), “Oh yeah?  Well, we will build a 722 foot observation wheel, so…..в Вашем лице!”  (according to Google Translate, it says, “in your face!”)

So there you have it, you crazy gamblers.  Something bigger and better to do in Vegas, baby!!!

4 thoughts on “here we go, loopty loo….

  1. Wow, those Vegas “imagine-eers” have an awful lot of time on their hands. Somebody needs to sic ’em on something more productive. Like the federal deficit, world hunger, peace in the Middle East…


  2. anita taylor

    I am with Susan, that is crazy!! I have been to LV 2 times and it is because my friends who visited us wants to go there. Ah, not a place for a vacation. My bro from FL came and visited us 4 yrs ago and he wanted to go see LV for himself and he was disappointed. 😦


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