what $4.00 of gas gives you…

You went bonkers over the “hope you’re not too tired to read this” blog….well, here’s a new piece of information, hot off the grill…….

Soon the Smart Car will be….so last season….

Very soon we will have more ‘smart’ choices….how about the SMORVETTE?

Or maybe the SMAUDI A3 AWD?

Perhaps you would fancy a  SMAMBORGHINI!

Who doesn’t love the SMORSCHE?


Or maybe you would rather have a SMERRARI..

Those are all great………but who doesn’t love the classic SMUSTANG??

(many thanks, Rea!  I hadn’t seen a Smustang before!)



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10 responses to “what $4.00 of gas gives you…

  1. HAHAHAHAHA those are hilarious! I think those smart cars look like little bobcats they use on job sites. Maybe Jimmy could just drive one home one night. I’d love to see y’all go driving up to Morton’s in a dirty bobcat 😉

    Hey look – I’m back to commenting like a normal person!! BOO-YAH


  2. DAD

    Remember, Jimmy told your mother that if she got a smart car, she would have to wear a helmet, the same goes for him if he gets one.


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  4. jeff

    4.00 dollars of gas can get 1 gallon of gas


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  7. Buy 2 and use them for roller skates if they run out of $4.00 gas.


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