is it just me or….

You know, there are some pretty bizarre stories out there on our world wide web….I have only managed to check out a few but just had to tell you.  And I thought I was strange…

For example, did you know that Angeles Duran owns the sun?  Hmm?  No?  You are so out of touch.  It seems that Ms. Duran, from Spain, has a presumed legal document showing that she, indeed, owns the sun.  You can read about it all right HERE.  And keep in mind that we are all subject to a fee when we step out…so…

Also, did you know you can finally immortalize your favorite cat by turning her cat hair into a handbag?  Yeah, that’s just another great way to show kitty you love her….you can learn all about that HERE.

And we all have been touched by the economy, haven’t we?  It’s just so stinkin’  hard to find a job.  You think YOU have it rough?  Well, these dears can’t even get their foot in the door and it’s just not fair.  Check them out HERE.  You will understand that some people certainly have a harder time than you..

Here is a little sample of their “issues”…


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