hope you’re not too tired to read this…

Check this out!  As many curbs as I’ve hit, I might just need these tires!  Resilient Tech has been testing these out for some time now, developing them for the military.

Its a radical new design by Michelin and made in South Carolina.  They are the next generation of tires and have already been previewed in Philadelphia at a car show.

Here it is in motion….(wonder how it rides?)

These tires are airless and should be on the market soon….if they aren’t already.  They aren’t so good for law enforcement, since  spike strips will not be useful.  But just think!!  No more airing up your tires….no more fix-a-flat repair kits!

Not that I ever had to do that anyways!!  Aaaahh….it’s good to be a girl….

 And don’t forget to check out “what $4.00 of gas gets you” and “thorium car? fill up on this” 

93 thoughts on “hope you’re not too tired to read this…



  1. Love the post. Only problem is that at highway speeds these are loud as hell at high speed.
    “Above 50 mph (80 km/h), the Tweel vibrates considerably, which in itself is a problem that also gives rise to undesired noise and heat. A fast-moving Tweel is unpleasantly loud[3] and produces 5 percent more friction compared to a radial tire.”


  2. Whytte Dragun

    I remember reading about this kind of tire a few years back. The big problem they were trying to overcome at that time was that they’re extremely noisy. Any idea if they fixed that?


  3. Jake

    I read an article about these. They’re no good at high speed, produce a huge amount of noise, vibration and heat, so for now the only applications would be for construction and some military vehicles.


  4. Trish

    “Not that I ever had to do that anyways!! Aaaahh….it’s good to be a girl….”

    Gods, no wonder no one takes feminism seriously. You know you just set us back 100 years, right?


    1. Zara A

      It’s not anti-feminist. If you think feminism is about insisting on changing your own car tyres then you’ve missed the point. Men like to do things that help them to feel like men! Why spoil their fun?


      1. Jessie

        Being as massively old fashioned as I am, I’m fully for the roles of men and women in a relationship. That said, I can and have changed tires. Being a lady doesn’t mean I have to be helpless. 🙂


  5. Carlos

    As soon as a stone or some mud gets stuck inside one of the cavities, you instantly have a very rude vibration, as the wheel is now out of balance. Splain dis…


  6. Matt

    Sorry, just stumbled across this page, nice tires and all that but I have to ask – Susan, why do you refer to ‘The Governor’? Do you mean Governer as in the British ‘Guv’ as in ‘Boss’? Are you talking about your employer? Because in context it sounds like you’re referring to your husband. It’s a bit confusing.
    I won’t lie, I clicked on your image to see if there was any info that indicated that you were somehow linked to Arnold Swartzenegger.


  7. unboun

    It vibrates a lot, makes loud noises and produces extra heat when running above 50 mph, so don’t expect to see a commercial version anytime soon. Mostly being looked at for military applications and things like a lunar rover.


  8. Jordan

    spike strips will be useless, but more than likely it will be remedied by the increase in the use of X-Nets. (A new type of nonlethal vehicle arrest system. Check it out, they’re pretty sweet.)


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  10. Michael

    this article doesnt mention it but these have been under development for over a decade now. the reason they havent been released in public is because at highspeeds they vibrate uncontrollably making your car drive poorly and decreasing your gas milleage. in theory eventually a version will be completed that doesnt have these problems, but frankly i dont expect these to ever be sold outside military applications and special purpose.


    1. Martin

      Living in a part of Canada that gets lots of snow is an issue, or mud or really any kind of dirt. Even my winter rims with a large offset trap a lot of snow and ice and have to be cleaned regularly as they get severely out of balance. Trap a rock between those fins for an hour or so and see what happens!


  11. anita taylor

    huh, due to my being short I always hit the curb and I lose the inner ring cover, what do you call those. hehehehe , i just drive I don’t much about tires.


  12. Seems interesting but I don’t understand why the sides are “open”. It allows the air to flow through therefore I’m not surprised by the noise and control problems at high speed.


  13. MisterPoint

    Great idea in theory, Surely a simple flexible cover over the exterior would stop the noise and drag problems? Or some clever design such as having the ‘spokes’ angled inward which would also have the added benefit of cooling the discs? I could definitely see how these could become a liability at high speed though 😮


  14. Richard E. Perry

    I truly believe that these tires will cause many accidents ! the construction of these tires will get Fatigued , and start to fall apart a piece at a time I guaranty it ! I used to be a farm boy when growing up and anything held as a rubber fastener or Neoprene fastener got fatigued and broke !


  15. Your article does not mention it, but these are in development for over a decade. The reason why I was released to the public, as have high swing speeds uncontrollably to his bad road trip and decreasing your gas mileage. in theory, over time, a full version that does not have these problems, but frankly I do not expect that they never sold outside of military applications and special purpose.


  16. Nice cohesive sentences you have there, FIRST SECURITY.

    If these have really been in development for over a decade, have there at least been some prototypes that have a cover to combat noise and vibration?

    We should really not be so dependent on oil in 2012… It’s sad, really. I have a few choice words I’d love to give to the BP and Exxon execs.


  17. George Cathey

    Why use an alloy wheel? Why not just let the “tire” be the tire and wheel, with the flexible celluli continuing all the way to the hub? That way you would have a built in shock absorber of sorts too — since the tire would then have rotational flex around the hub. 😉


  18. wanderlustnginfo

    That is pretty amazing. Great that technology can advance and push older technologies all the time to make them more efficient and sustainable.


  19. technopsis

    Those wheels are indeed a step in the right direction, but as said only usable for terrain or army vehicles. They become hot and noisy at high speeds, they are flexible which is bad for braking and they have a lot more friction which results in a lot more gas consumption. A cool development, but not quite there yet.


  20. technopsis

    Very cool development indeed. But as said, these tires become hot and noisy at higher speeds. In addition, they produce a lot more friction than normal tires, which in turn means a lot more gas consumption. This makes them only interesting for terrain or army vehicles.

    A great development none the less, but not quite there yet 🙂


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  22. Pete Johnson

    I have been reading about airless and solid tires since the ’80s in either tandem or other configs. Is it really gonna happen? Is it another way to save money on gas and take public concern away from developing a fuel source that won’t enslave them to the greed of another party,(ie. solar)? I haven’t seen this sold yet, and I’ve been waiting nearly 20 years since the idea first was going to supposedly be an option.


  23. Very cool design. We have a man lift at work with tires similar to these and they are awesome. I drive right over large cement slabs and the tires bend right over them.


  24. Brad

    Not a one fo you has noted that to replace a tread when its worn out it will have to be sent away to be done professionally. ie vulcanised to the wheel. Nobody will want to accept other peoples wheels (non customised the way you wanted your originals) as exchange service so you will have to wait for your wheels to come back with new tread every year. The heat buildup as noted by some of you will destroy the rubber/wheel bond very quickly too giving you tread throwoff. Engineering wise I see great and probably insurmountable problems with this design


  25. Shawn

    Everyone seems to be hung up on the open spoke/honeycomb design catching and holding debris. But how many alloy wheels on conventional tires have all sorts of crevices and flutes that would be prone to the same occurrence? I’d be more concerned with the fatigue inherent in any flexible member, as mentioned by a couple of previous posters.

    Is anyone else catching the irony of this development, though? The FIRST tires were non-pneumatic spoked wheels with solid rubber tread on the outside. Pneumatic tires were developed to improve the ride and handling of the vehicle. Now non-pneumatics are being (re)developed… Hmmmm…


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  28. tom

    alot of ppl have been saying that if mud/snow gets in the spokes of the wheel it throws off the balance and that it makes alot of noise at high speeds…what about closing off the sides (ie tire walls) to solve the noise and balance issues. closing the side walls would get rid of the whistling the rotating spokes cause and prevent things from entering the spokes. as for the friction that is a problem that still needs to solved


  29. Dominic

    added deformability will lead to increased rolling friction as the contact area with the road will be increased, meaning less gas mileage. though it would require modifying the chassis of the car, a better idea would be to create a light superstructure on the main suspension housing that would support an adjustable-pressure pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder suspension that would be positioned so as to be the first line of shock absorption. an 8-bit microcontroller could be programmed to minimize oscillatory vibration due to road conditions in the pneumatic cylinders through pressure adjustments. This would give most of the benefits of these specialized tires without the drawbacks.

    aside from the chassis mods I already mentioned the only problem i foresee would be the power consumption for such a system and the processor/machinery’s refresh/adjustment rate, as the whole system would have to be harmonically balanced at four points. if someone else will code it, id be willing to give it a try.


  30. oh God! I clearly remember inventing this idea when I was 14 (that’s 22 years back) my physics teacher and dad convinced me back then that its never going to work so I abondoned it. 😥


  31. percykwong

    They’ve been talking about this for years. It’ll be a miracle if they’re out and available by 2014. It’s cannibalizing their own business. No more tire sales, except for wear. On the other hand, make them carbon fiber and you’ve got yourself one hell of a performance tire. I’d also like to know why this tech hasn’t been tested on the racing circuit yet. Sounds like it would be / should be. Over all, lighter, stronger, more durable. The only problem is that the business model doesn’t make sense.. tell me I’m missing something.


  32. They’ve been talking about this for years. It’ll be a miracle if they’re out and available by 2014. It’s cannibalizing their own business. No more tire sales, except for wear. On the other hand, make them carbon fiber and you’ve got yourself one hell of a performance tire. I’d also like to know why this tech hasn’t been tested on the racing circuit yet.http://www.ingeniouszone.com/


  33. blair

    this aint a new invention as i have had tyres like this on drill rigs i’ve operated underground, work well over rough terrain thou i don’t know how well they’d go heating up on the road


  34. Its really a pretty nifty idea. But I gotta say it kinda make the vehicle look dumb. I mean that car looks like its rolling on a shallow wheel. I’m not getting those for my ride.


  35. joshua

    It’s called a Twheel..
    And it is not new. They have been around for more than 10 years. Most do have did walls, but are airless. They have to have sidewalls so that nothing gets in the tread support.


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  37. the high speed problem would be minimized by more precise tolerances in manufacturing – ie perfectly balanced. I don’t see why they don’t cover the side walls with flexible rubber? it will prevent rocks, snow etc from getting in spokes, and it will likely streamline design to reduce noise.


  38. Michelin’s Tweel, as shown above is at least a couple of years away from being released for retail use. However the Tweel is already being used with great success in the construction industry on skid steers. Bridgestone is also working on an airless tire. Their newest version has been fitted for a golf cart with a passenger vehicle tire still a couple years down the road. The most interesting thing with airless tires is what kind of impact will they have on the cost of traditional rubber tires. As airless tires grow and match the performance of rubber tires, which will probably take years, will we see the use of rubber tire drop. Or will it be more along the lines of gas vs other power sources for cars, where gas is expect to stay the stable fuel source until 2040.


  39. These Tires are useless in the mud as the mud would dry and cake up in the tires, same goes for snow and ice. Also, if a branch gets caught in the tires who knows what that will do to the car.


  40. darkfoxx

    “no more fix-a-flat repair kits!

    Not that I ever had to do that anyways!! Aaaahh….it’s good to be a girl….” funny that you say that because on all the, “we aren’t treated as good as men” articles No one is willing to admit things like this and they just keep saying men are the devil and they treat women like crap. Not saying that you do this but I find it blatantly “in my face” when I have read so many “poor me” articles written by women then see something like that, basically calling men slaves.


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